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High quality bowls for salad, soup, bread & more

Schale Nessa von VEGA mit einem Dessert gefüllt

Soup, desserts, muesli, nibbles, fruit salad or food bowls – in the traditional restaurant, in the hip pub or at the breakfast buffet bowls as tableware cannot be missing. Modern, classic, decorated, plain, round or oval bowls in all sizes and shapes can be found in LUSINI's online store. Our porcelain and tableware convinces with a variety of shapes and materials of the highest quality.

„Happiness in a bowl“ – the variety of bowls from VEGA.

VEGA offers bowls that are specially designed to meet the needs of the catering industry. Take advantage of the versatile uses of the bowls:

  • Salad bowl for small side salads or large salad plates
  • Bowl for colorful food bowls
  • Breakfast or cereal bowl for fruit salad or fresh grain cereal
  • Soup bowl, whether broth or creamy soup
  • Dip and jam bowls
  • Antipasti and tapas bowls for small snacks and delicacies
  • Bowls for sliced fruit or whole fruit
  • Nibble bowl with mixed nuts, salted almonds or homemade chips
  • Decoration element filled with decorative sand, tea lights or potpourri
  • Bread bowl for rolls, toast or whole wheat bread
  • Candy bowl with colorful candies or fine chocolates
Our tip

Serve soups in a bowl and place pieces of bread, cherry tomatoes or basil on a skewer on top. This looks modern and catches the eye.

Bowls made of different materials in the LUSINI online store

Porcelain is the best known material when it comes to tableware. At LUSINI, in addition to the classic, you can also get bowls made of other materials such as stoneware, melamine or glass.

What are the properties of melamine?

  • Lightweight: Bowls made of melamine weigh only about 1/3 of the weight of porcelain. This makes this material so practical for the catering industry, because loaded trays are no longer a problem for service staff or canteen guests.
  • Recyclable: Melamine consists of a renewable raw material - chlorine-free bleached cellulose - and can therefore be recycled. In addition, the high-quality plastic is free of harmful plasticizers and therefore harmless.
  • Breakproof: Because melamine bowls are shatterproof, you have less hassle from broken pieces and replacement purchases than with classic porcelain.
  • Stylish: Planar surfaces result in a perfect design.
  • Easy to clean: You can clean your bowls made of melamine in the dishwasher. There you need even less energy than porcelain and glass.

What are the properties of glass?

  • The composition for glass originally comes from an Assyrian king. The recipe consists of sand, lime, soda ash and potash and has remained largely the same to this day. It is melted at a high temperature and can then be formed by a variety of methods such as blowing or rolling. Because it cools so quickly, glass has a smooth surface and makes an excellent bowl. Glass is resistant to impact and breakage.
  • Bowls made of tempered glass look even classier. Zinc oxide, potassium oxide or barium oxide is added to the glass, giving it its beautiful light refraction and brilliance. Tempered glass and crystal glass can be artfully cut, which is why bowls made of tempered glass are often beautifully decorated. Compared to porcelain, tempered glass bowls weigh considerably less.
Our tip

Have you decided on the right bowls? Then individualize them with the help of customizing from LUSINI. Here we provide your bowls with a lettering, logo or monogram.

Use the bowls from VEGA for bowls

The trend of food bowls comes from the USA, where they originated from the clean-eating movement. Due to the use of mainly unprocessed foods, they were especially popular among clean eaters. Today, social networks are full of recipes for the healthy meals and food bowls have also long since found their way into restaurants and cafes. They enjoy great popularity and are ordered not only by diet-conscious diners. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner - implement the bowl concept in your catering business and offer bowls all day long. In our blog you can read about this recipe ideas for sophisticated delicacies in bowls. The food bowls look particularly stylish thanks to their variety of colors. The bowls in which they are served should match the delicacies they contain. Pick out the right bowls at LUSINI and create a feast for the eyes.

Our tip

If you are not sure which bowls are suitable for your business, then you have the option of using our sample service. We will send you samples of the desired bowls and you can test the effect at your leisure.