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Coffee tableware

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Serve your coffee specialties in modern or traditional coffee tableware

gedeckter Tisch für Kaffee und Kuchen

The combination of coffee cup, saucer and cake plate should not be missing in any café: The traditional composition of coordinated coffee tableware shows class and looks modern, refined or nostalgic, depending on the design. Whether colorful, monochrome or pure white - with porcelain tableware from VEGA, you can serve your coffee specialties, cakes and pies in the style of your restaurant: whether for breakfast, afternoon coffee or dessert in the evening. In our online store you will also find matching cups and saucers for coffee, espresso, latte and co.

What does a complete coffee service consist of?

Unlike tea service, coffee service includes not only a cup and saucer, but also a matching cake plate. This tradition probably comes from the fact that cakes and tarts were more often served with coffee, which required their own plate. Tea, on the other hand, usually got by with dry pastries or rolls served on displays. Matching tableware is characterized then as now by a matching design, which also applies in miniature to coffee tableware. The triumph of the various coffee specialties such as latte macchiato, capuccino, caffè corretto or café liégeois demand different sizes of cups and matching saucers. The LUSINI range takes the diversity of coffee enjoyment into account.

Our tip

The perfect coffee enjoyment requires not only the right tableware but also the appropriate cutlery. LUSINI offers a wide range of coffee spoons and cake forks.

The variety of the cup: coffee tableware that adapts to your menu

Not all coffee is the same! Did you know that there are five different types of cups for coffee? Depending on the type of coffee, with or without milk, the cups differ in size and shape. We will explain the special features or distinguishing characteristics:

  • Espresso cup:
    Espresso cup is the smallest among coffee cups. It is very thick-walled, so that the espresso does not cool down so quickly. Otherwise, its bitter flavors come out.
  • Coffee cup:
    Coffee cups come in different sizes and shapes - depending on your taste and the amount of coffee you want to pour.
  • Cappuccino cup:
    The cappuccino cup is usually larger and wider than the coffee cup to provide more room for the milk foam.
  • Coffee mugs:
    A coffee mug has a larger capacity than the coffee cup and is taller. It is also made of porcelain and does not necessarily have a handle.
  • Bowls:
    Bowls are often used to serve latte. The ratio of coffee to milk for this specialty coffee is 1: 2, so the vessel must be larger than a regular coffee cup. The large surface area provides space for the frothed milk that crowns the latte
Did you know?

Dark rims on porcelain cups often occur when coffee or tea residue dries into cups. Baking soda or cleaning tablets for dentures help against this - dissolve the agents in hot water for cleaning or let the cups soak in it overnight.

Serve coffee with saucer: What's in favor of the complete coffee service?

Saucers always come into disrepute: they are often perceived as old-fashioned and cumbersome. Hip coffee chains rely on disposable cups anyway and don't give a damn about coffee culture. Some cafés also do away with the extra piece of crockery because it saves space on the dish rack and space in the dishwasher. Still, there are some advantages to using saucers:

  • Additional storage:
    Saucers serve as a convenient storage area for the coffee spoon and for an amarettini or cookie you want to serve your guests with their coffee.
  • Easier serving:.
    A saucer makes serving easier for staff by eliminating the risk of burns.
  • Protection from coffee stains:
    Protecting the tablecloth is the original function of the saucer. With it, cups do not leave tea or coffee stains on the table.
Did you know?

Until the end of the 18th century, it was considered fine table manners to pour the hot beverage from the cup into the saucer and then drink the coffee or tea from the saucer. Pouring allowed the liquid to cool to drinking temperature more quickly.

High quality coffee tableware from VEGA

Our coffee tableware series are made of high quality porcelain. The term porcelain originally comes from the Italian porcellana and is also known as white gold. Why is porcelain in particular suitable for the production of coffee tableware?

  • Dishwasher safe: According to DIN standard 50275, tableware may only be described as dishwasher safe if it can withstand more than 1,000 wash cycles without any problems. Porcelain is therefore significantly more durable than other dishwasher safe materials.
  • Heat-resistant: Coffee is best served between 86°C and 96°C, depending on the variety. Such temperatures are not harmful to porcelain. It is microwave safe and oven safe up to 300°C.
  • Attractive: Porcelain is timeless due to its varying shades of brilliant white. It goes well with classic locales or even modern interiors. If you prefer to add some color, you can choose our colorful porcelain.
  • Stability: Porcelain has high stability despite its thin, translucent walls.