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Gastronomy can be so beautiful!

Jugs and pitchers from VEGA simply make themselves on any table next to other tableware such as plates, serving platters, bowls, cups, serving boards & mini tableware, good! After all, the plain white of the porcelain means they'll match any decor and blend into the overall look without a hitch. Nevertheless, you can look forward to different models in our online store - here is something for every taste! With a lovingly decorated pot, lovers of the country house style get their money's worth with us just as much as restaurateurs who prefer to serve the delicacies in a modern pot.

For friends of tea, we recommend our special teapot in elegant glass and stainless steel combination with strainer insert. Due to the transparency of the glass, you and your guests can watch how the tea is slowly distributed in the pot - perfect for guests who want to choose their own tea variety.

Everything for the satisfied guest

Anyone who offers their guests hot drinks should also be sure to provide them with milk, sugar, honey, etc. Since tastes are known to differ, it is extremely important that guests can decide for themselves how to refine their drink. Of course, you will also find suitable products for this purpose in LUSINI's well thought-out range. Our milk jugs, for example, are ideally suited for serving liquids such as milk thanks to their spout. Your sugar, on the other hand, will find a place in our practical sugar bowls, which allows guests to measure it out easily and accurately.

Your equipment is subject to heavy use in the everyday gastronomic life of a restaurant, café and bar - this applies not only to your furniture and kitchen technology, but equally to your tableware. That's why it's hard to avoid signs of wear and tear on pots, plates and the like after a while. Especially the lid of a jug is strained by the frequent putting on and off. For this case, but also if the lid is broken, lost or needs to be rinsed, you will find replacement lids for many models at LUSINI.