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Pizza plates

Still 10 products in your filtering in Pizza plates

Pizza plates - Bella Italia served in style

Blick auf einen Tisch mit Pizza auf Pizzatellern

When you think of Italy, you automatically think of pizza, pasta & vino! Italian cuisine has long conquered the world. If you want to offer your guests authentic Italian pizza, you can't avoid dealing with the appropriate equipment, first and foremost pizza cutlery and pizza plates.

On an appropriate pizza plate the cult dish tastes of course immediately much better. Since it is well known that the eye also eats with the food, you should also use an appropriate pizza plate to enjoy a pizza in the proper manner. These special, usually large and flat plates have, in addition to their visual appeal, the advantage that corresponding pizzas have uncut space on the plate. This, of course, creates a particularly authentic pizza enjoyment.

What materials are suitable for pizza plates?

So that your guests can enjoy their oven-fresh pizza, you should serve it on plates with the appropriate dimensions. You can choose between different materials:


Porcelain has several advantages. It is odorless, tasteless and also extremely hygienic. This is because porcelain, compared to other ceramics, is considered waterproof. This means that even stubborn dirt residues can be easily removed. Porcelain is dishwasher and microwave safe. You can remove cutlery abrasion on the glaze with porcelain cleaning agents or even a gentle abrasive or steel cleaning agent. When doing so, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Porcelain pizza plates are available in elegant white or decorated with typical Mediterranean motifs such as a pizza maker, olives, basil and tomatoes.

  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Easy to clean


An alternative to plates made of porcelain are plates made of so-called opal glass. You can easily recognize this glass by its whitish color. The material is characterized by a non-porous surface and is therefore easy to clean. You can simply put the plates in the dishwasher - and also usually use them in the microwave. Tableware made of opal glass is scratch-resistant and robust thanks to its hardness and resistance.

  • Non-porous surface
  • Scratch-resistant and robust
  • Stylish alternative


If you value natural materials, you can serve the pizza on a wooden board! Served this way, the pizza looks particularly authentic and fits well into more rustic concepts. Wood is unbreakable and gentle on knife blades. It is better not to put wooden plates or kitchen utensils in the dishwasher, as the material can swell. It is best to clean the wooden plate or pizza board with a dishwashing brush under warm running water. It is important that the wood dries well afterwards. Every now and then you can treat the surface with a little vegetable oil - this will keep the wood supple for longer.

  • Natural materials
  • Mediterranean style
  • Robust and durable

Can I avoid the pizza sliding back and forth?

Who doesn't know it: large pizzas like to slip and are therefore difficult to cut. But with the matching plate, this problem can be easily solved: Use pizza plates with a slightly upward salvaged edge. Thus, the pizza is stabilized during cutting and can no longer slip. Of course, you can also use a pizza roller to cut the pizza into individual pieces before serving and drape them attractively on the plate.

What to consider when buying the pizza plates?

Before you make a purchase decision, you should be clear about what requirements the plate must meet. Is the pizza plate to be used only for dressing and serving, or also for heating in the microwave? Is it intended to be cleaned by hand or should the plate be dishwasher safe? Do you want the pizza plates to stand on their own visually, or be part of a porcelain series? Once you have answered these questions, you can compare the manufacturer's specifications and care instructions and choose the plates that are right for you. whether you want to use the plates only for serving and serving or also for keeping warm.

Tips before buying
  • Pizza can be cut well on pizza plates due to their flat shape
  • Wooden plates are rustic, unbreakable and gentle on knife blades
  • Plates made of opal glass are very smooth and therefore easy to clean
  • Tip: Pizza plates are also available in a set with matching pasta plates
  • The large plates are not only good to use as pizza plates. They are also a very chic option as place settings for the festive table!