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Suppentasse gefüllt mit Kürbiscremesuppe

The advantages of a soup cup

Suppentasse gefüllt mit Kürbiscremesuppe

Soup cups offer many advantages. The smaller diameter not only provides more space on the table for other dishes, but also offers a consumption advantage: soups are compressed and remain heated until the last spoonful. Furthermore, it puts an end to smeared plate edges. Your service staff will thank you for the change. A soup cup is much easier to transport than a deep plate, where the soup can spill over at any time. The height of the rim allows quick and safe transport from staff to guest.

Tired of spooning up soups?

In some cultures, drinking the soup is part of the dining culture. This variant will be much easier with the right soup cup. We recommend a top cup with a spout. The enclosed saucer is used for germ-free storage of eating accessories such as cutlery or eating garnish. But before the cup may be brought to the mouth, the rule of etiquette states to have spooned out all solid components of the soup from the soup cup beforehand. Browse through our large selection of soup cups on LUSINI. Here is something for every kitchen. Also a soup cup as a gift is usually always well received.

Soup cups, soup tureen and more

A fresh tomato soup or a spicy cheese soup is a delicacy that you just have to try. But aside from the huge scale of a soup bowl, eating the last few spoonfuls is also a challenge. These two issues can be easily circumvented with soup cups. Discover our selection of porcelain dinnerware. Our cups and saucers come exclusively in the highest quality and design.

Soup cups for hot enjoyment in liquid form

Special dressing options are suitable for your liquid dishes. But instead of using a normal soup plate, soup cups are recommended. The right amount of the delicious meal can be poured into these mostly round, deep bowls. The contents look compressed and exquisite. In this way, you also create more space on the table for any other accessories, such as a bread plate or a salad plate. Moreover, with a suitable soup spoon, there will be no difficult tasks when consuming the dish. The design of the soup cups can here range from classic white to motif-decorated terracotta variants. This is then to choose according to the concept of the establishment. Due to the soup spoon, the soup cups do not need a handle, but in some designs are refined with one or two of these finishes. This also allows for enjoyable eating in a leaning position. In some cultural circles, even drinking the soups is regarded as an eating culture, which you thereby enable. Soup cups with a beak are also suitable for this variant. A second option would be to carry the saucer, which every soup cup should get as an accessory. In terms of shape, everything speaks in favor of the usual cup shape, although somewhat tapered copies as well as rather small jugs corresponding variants exude their charm of the special.

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Take advantage of the classy language of small-format soup cups, which preserve the flavorful contents in your depths and also keep the food warm longer.