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The right tableware set for every occasion.

You love to cook for friends and family and spoil them with your delicious kitchen creations? Then you know: The eye always eats with you! Beautifully arranged your delicious dishes certainly taste even better. That's why you will find in our store, in addition to a large selection of tableware series, also practical tableware sets. So you are perfectly equipped with one click and give your table a harmonious and coordinated look.

schwarzes Geschirr-Set Masca von VEGA

Perfectly equipped from appetizer to dessert.

Our tableware sets are available in various combinations. So there is something suitable for every occasion.

  • Tableware set: Versatile sets with the basic components plates, bowls, cups and saucers.
  • Plate set: Practical sets of plates and bowls in different sizes.
  • Cup set: These usually consist of various cups as well as saucers.
  • Coffee tableware: Coffee cup sets as well as small plates and saucers are components of this set.

At VEGA, all tableware sets are dishwasher safe according to DIN standard 50275. This means that they can withstand at least 1000 wash cycles without any problems. In addition, our tableware is microwaveable.

schwarzes Geschirr-Set Masca von VEGA
Did you know?

There is a difference between dishwasher safe and suitable for dishwashers. Suitable for dishwashers only says that the product is suitable for the dishwasher, but does not exclude changes to the product.

The eye eats with you

At LUSINI, you'll find dinnerware sets for 6 to 12 people that contain between twelve and 60 pieces, depending on the composition. Tableware sets in many different colors and patterns ensure that everyone will find what they are looking for and that the table setting is also rounded off for the eye. So you can inspire your guests not only culinary, but also visually! From colorful or organically shaped tableware to a simple white tableware set: you are spoiled for choice. So that everything is just right for your guests, we also offer matching cutlery sets.

Stoneware or porcelain?

  • Stoneware: This material, made of clay, is particularly resistant to breakage and durable, making it ideal for tableware.
  • Porcelain: The white gold is the most resistant, but also the finest type of ceramic and consists of clay, quartz and feldspar. Learn more about porcelain in our Porcelain guide!
Our service

A tableware set is only beautiful when it is complete! You can replace broken plates quickly and easily thanks to our availability of up to 10 years on many porcelain series.