Wedding in Green: Greenery Wedding

Wedding in green? Don't worry, green wedding dresses are far from replacing the classic white A-line made of tulle. But the opulent wedding bouquet of orchids, roses & Co. that decorates not only the wedding altar but also the wedding table has got competition. Wedding planners, caterers and event managers may already have heard it from the mouths of many a bride: Greenery should be the table decoration now, green plants should decorate the hall and individual discreet color accents are set.

Tisch auf einer Hochzeit mit grünen Naturakzenten

Green is the new white: Greenery wedding as a trend

But Greenery doesn't just mean green, wherever the eye sees it. As a restaurateur, meet the discerning bridal couples with extensive know-how about the wedding trend and the trend color of the year 2017: Find out everything you need to know about Greenery decoration and a Greenery wedding in our VEGA guide.

Collage mit Detailaufnahmen von grüner Pflanzendekoration

Why Greenery decoration for a wedding?


Greenery reminds of the juicy green buds in spring and stands for a new beginning. At a wedding, the color Greenery therefore symbolizes the new stage in life that goes hand in hand with the marriage.

Environmentally friendly

Greenery is also associated with nature and the environment and therefore addresses couples who want to live and marry in an environmentally conscious way. The Greenery trend lends more naturalness to the current hype about a perfect wedding: No opulent decoration spectacle for the eyes should be a Greenery wedding, but a dream wedding with few resources. Less is more: The bridal couple would like to reflect on what is really important to celebrate their very own individual celebration of love.

Low cost

A Greenery wedding is particularly attractive for couples whose financial resources are limited or who do not want to spend a lot of money on a beautiful wedding. Foliage is much cheaper than cut flowers, as foliage does not have to be imported like most flowers.

Holzlaterne mit Kerze
Grüne Dekopflanzen

Regionally and seasonally independent

Not only inexpensive, but always available: A Greenery wedding is also becoming more popular because the decoration can be realised in every season and region.

Variety of topics

Even if it may not seem so at first glance, Greenery decoration can be very diverse. Whether winter theme with fir green and cones, Mediterranean wedding with olive trees or exotic atmosphere with palm or banana leaves - there are no limits to your creativity and that of the bridal couple.

Our tip

Not every bridal couple is aware of Greenery's diversity of topics. Ask your bridal couple about the theme of the Greenery decoration.

Mehrer Tische in weißen Tischhussen gehült
Grüne Kerze in Schale mit Gesteck

This is how you host a Greenery Wedding:

Green & White – a match made in heaven

Greenery can be combined very well and is therefore a very flexible part of the wedding decoration. Green goes very well with white or cream. But also for other colors like a soft blue or a strong red the natural green is a harmonious background. So you can set individual accents in the green decoration with colored flowers such as roses or wildflowers.


In most cases the bridal couple choose their gastronomy because they know your location, your hall or guest room or because they find it suitable. With a few decoration tips you have quickly decorated your premises in the Greenery style. Do you often have Greenery Weddings? Then think further: Do you have a beautiful garden, a terrace, a pavilion or a barn next to your guest room which, decorated with green leaves and twigs, is ideally suited as a location for a Greenery Wedding close to nature?

The right plants

Not every plant species is suitable for Greenery decoration! Like the colors of roses, plant species also have a certain meaning. Ivy, for example, stands for loyalty and marriage as well as death and is therefore often associated with funeral arrangements. Think also of grasses, fern or moss for a successful table decoration. Choose the right green according to the theme and season: In spring, tulips set exciting color accents between leafy green. If the bridal couple would like a Mediterranean wedding, cacti and succulents are also a good choice.

Less is more

While the principle "the more, the better" seems to apply in the fight for the perfect wedding for years, a Greenery wedding absolutely demands the opposite: Less is more! Greenery decoration should not be overloaded, but discreet - the wedding party should not find itself in a jungle. For a Greenery wedding, do without pure flower arrangements and opt for opulent green, accentuated with individual colored eye-catchers. In this way you will achieve a puristic and at the same time elegant atmosphere that is not overloaded, but nevertheless beautifully sets the stage for the wedding location. Elaborate garlands, wreaths or flower arrangements with fairy lights are eye-catchers, but are kept in the background by the natural green and provide pleasant indirect lighting.

Natural materials

Greenery decoration is based on nature and should also make a statement for more environmental awareness. Plastic & Co. have nothing to do with a Greenery Wedding: Leave grass-green balloons, plastic garlands and artificial flowers in storage for the next birthday party. Think beyond leaf green for flower arrangements: Use recyclable paper and hemp yarn for menus, cotton napkins, decorative cushions and table runners in natural shades, wooden planters as vases and wooden or stone plaques for name tags. Wooden lanterns blend harmoniously into the natural decoration. Barrels, wine crates, wooden benches and Euro pallets are ideal decorative and building materials for seating lounges or a cocktail bar.

Collage mit verschiedenen grünen Deko-Anregungen für die Hochzeit