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Traditional fashion

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Modern, authentic traditional costume fashion for women & men in the service, at the reception or at the reception desk

Trachtenmode fΓΌr Herren und Damen

The traditional costume look is in vogue, because many restaurateurs appreciate the Bavarian way of life and the relaxed atmosphere associated with beer gardens, hearty inns or folk festivals: If your service staff also wears beautiful traditional costume fashion, the roast pork served to your guests will taste three times as good. The dirndls, lederhosen and traditional shirts from the LUSINI online store are designed according to traditional models and also have features specially adapted for service tasks.

The right look for every gastronomy: traditional costume fashion for men and women

We pay attention to authenticity and class in our Bavarian traditional costumes. Whether it's a 5-star hotel or a simple inn - with traditional costume fashion, you give your service team the original look that matches your interior and menu.

  • 5 star hotel in the mountains: long dirndl with white blouse
    A long dirndl in muted colors looks elegant and is at home in upscale, traditional gastronomy. When the dirndl was invented in the second half of the 19th century, skirts always covered the female legs. It wasn't until the 20th century that shorter, knee-length dirndls became socially acceptable. In exquisite hotels, the dirndl and dirndl blouse match the knee-length leather pants and white traditional shirt of the male waiters.
Our tip:

Black, long dirndls look less severe with a colored apron. Noble look but also dirndl in sand or modern grey.

  • Rustic bread hut on the alp: colorful checks on traditional shirt and dirndl
    The check pattern dominates the traditional costume fashion in the alpine region: Whether large check or small Vichy check, the shirts and blouses in the traditional costume look provide by colorful patterns for a loose, good-humored atmosphere in inn, beer garden or alpine hut.
  • Original hiking hotel: Midi dirndl & lederhosen for the beer garden
    After a strenuous mountain tour it can be relaxed with beer and hearty supper particularly well in the beer garden. Your service staff will not feel too fresh in the evening hours thanks to the traditional costume jacket. During the day, the waitresses in the medium-length dirndl will not be too warm.
From head to toe in beautiful traditional costume fashion: women's and men's traditional costumes from JOBELINE

Traditional costume fashion from JOBELINE: designed as comfortable service and workwear

work wear. Traditional costume fashion is ideal as workwear for service staff in restaurants or at the reception desk. JOBELINE pays attention to high wearing comfort and thoughtful designs when selecting the material and designing the traditional costume fashion for service.

  • Easy-care & washable The cotton blend fabric of JOBELINE traditional costumes has been specially developed to withstand the daily wear and tear of service. The material stays beautiful even after frequent washings without fading or changing color. The fibers also have non-iron properties
Did you know?

How to remove stains from genuine leather, we tell you in our guide Lederhosen cleaning.

  • Fitting cuts and sizes Freedom of movement is particularly important for the physical tasks involved in service. At the same time, traditional costume fashion should fit well so that your staff feels comfortable in it. Our online store offers fitted cuts for ladies, slimfit shirts for men or regularfit tops for every body shape. In addition, you can choose from different sizes, so that the fit and fit of the workwear fits your professional business.
  • Practical features
    Through close customer contact and ongoing market research, our product designers know exactly what matters in service: we equip our traditional costume fashion with practical features that make your job easier. Our dirndl aprons have practical pen pockets, pockets for writing pads or smartphones. The Lederhosen convince with practical pockets and removable, adjustable straps.