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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping costs

We deliver worldwide quick and at a low price. The shipping charges depend on your destination. Should your goods be sent in multiple parcels or a subsequent delivery is necessary, you only pay the shipping charges once.

For orders with delivery within Germany and Austria up to €499.99 net we only charge a flat rate of €5.99 net for shipping costs (transport and packaging). From a value of €500.00 net we do not charge shipping costs and deliver within Germany and Austria free of charge.

Shipping by forwarding agency within Germany and Austria

Your order contains items that are shipped by freight forwarding due to their bulkiness or weight (e.g. furniture). For this we charge a flat rate depending on the value of goods.

  • Value of goods up to €999.99 net - €29.99 net shipping costs
  • Value of goods up to €1,999.99 net - €59.99 € net shipping costs
  • Value of goods from €2,000.00 net - €99.99 net shipping costs

Shipping charges other countries:

Country Shipping costs LUSINI / Partner shop
Belgium €15.00 LUSINI Belgium
Bulgaria €25.00 SBB Group LTD
Canada 30% from the net value of goods
Croatia €25.00 LUSINI Hrvatska
Cyprus 15% from the net value of goods M.S.G. Tradelink LTD
Czech Republic €20.00 PFAFF-SERVIS spol. s.r.o.
Denmark €15.00 LUSINI Denmark
Estonia Restatrade OÜ
Finland Scanzon Group Finland Oy
France €20.00 LUSINI France
Greece 10% from the net value of goods Kapizionis Theodore
Hungary €20.00 Gasztro Palazzo kft
Italy €15.00 LUSINI Italy
Ireland 10% from the net value of goods Tommy Varden Ltd
Latvia €25.00
Liechtenstein €25.00 LUSINI Liechtenstein
Lithuania €25.00
Luxembourg €15.00 LUSINI Luxembourg
Malta 10% from the net value of goods
Netherlands €15.00 LUSINI Netherlands
Norway €25.00 LUSINI Norway
Poland €20.00 Maria Pilewicz TEDMAR
Portugal €25.00 LUSINI Portugal
Romania Blue Life SRL
Slovakia €20.00 Gastro Palazzo s.r.o.
Slovenia €20.00
Spain €20.00 LUSINI Spain
Sweden €20.00 LUSINI Sweden
Switzerland €25.00 LUSINI Switzerland
USA 30% from the net value of goods

Exempt from these shipping charges are deliveries of furniture and bulky goods. The shipping charges for these goods are for the countries listed above 15% of the net value, but not less than the appropriate country shipping charge from the table above. The shipping charges for any country not listed above, we charge 30% of the net value of goods.

Customs duties (only applies to deliveries outside Europe)

We deliver duty unpaid, i.e. customs fees, charges and other public levies shall be paid by the recipient.

Information on delivery times

If you order several items from us as part of one order, for which different delivery times apply, we will ship the goods in several partial shipments, depending on availability, for which the delivery times indicated for the respective item apply. Additional shipping costs do not apply.

Shipping and delivery address

You can specify a shipping and delivery address different from your invoice address. You have the option to do so in the order process when entering your contact details.