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More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
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Restaurant decoration: How to decorate your restaurant beautifully

Schönes grünes Sofa mit Dekokissen, Dekopflanzen, Vasen, grüne Wand mit grünen Bilderrahmen

There are many different ways to decorate the dining area in a restaurant or the interior itself. You can decorate your business seasonally according to the time of year or for specific occasions.
For example, your own Christmas decoration in restaurants should not be missing. In spring, bright and friendly colors are ideal for wall and table decorations. Easy-care artificial plants are suitable for table decorations and can be used throughout the year.
Candle holders and tealight holders create a cozy atmosphere in the evening. Just a few wax or LED candles are all you need to quickly and easily create a relaxed atmosphere in your dining room.
Real classics of restaurant decoration are vases. They are a must on every table.
Decorative cushions are a great way to really show off your furnishings. Properly draped, they round off the interior perfectly.

In modern restaurant interiors, it is also a good idea to decorate in trendy colors. This allows you to keep your style up to date without having to change all the furniture every time.

Can we help you choose the right catering decorations? Then please feel free to contact us.

Which table decorations in the restaurant?

The motto "less is more" applies to restaurant table decorations. After all, food, side dishes and drinks should be placed on the table after ordering.
In principle, the table decorations and decoration style should match your restaurant furnishings. However, a vase with a flower and a candle on the table should not be missing. Here at LUSINI, you can put together your table decorations for your restaurant according to your wishes.

Practical tips for decorating restaurant walls

Wall decoration is often underestimated in restaurants. However, the right decoration on the walls can have a particularly strong influence on the effect of the room. If mirrors are used, small dining rooms appear larger. If picture frames decorate the wall in the restaurant, they form the perfect link between the furnishings and the walls and round off the entire ensemble. At the same time, pictures or other wall decorations influence the atmosphere in the room. With wall decorations in a restaurant or bar, you can make confident statements that have a high recognition value for guests and become your unique selling point.

What can I do to make the café decoration special?

A café is all about a relaxed and rather cozy atmosphere. The smell of coffee is in the air, cakes, tarts or small snacks are fragrant and you can hear the animated conversations of your guests in the background. It's best to emphasize the desired atmosphere with your café decorations. A modern café in the city for a quick espresso on the go will suit a rather modern and purist decoration, while the excursion café should definitely feature table flowers and a more lavish decoration.

What should I bear in mind when decorating a hotel?

Hotel decoration is something special in the commercial decoration sector. Because unlike in a restaurant or café, your guests spend even more time in your premises. The room effect is therefore all the more important. And this is where colors play a particularly important role. When designing hotel decorations, it is advisable to work with a uniform color concept. On the one hand, it serves to strengthen your corporate identity and, on the other, it ensures that your guests feel completely at ease.

Buy products for decorating hotels and restaurants online at LUSINI now. As always with us, you also benefit from proven quality and a large selection in this category.