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Protective products for the catering and hotel industry

It will be a while yet before the Corona pandemic is over and normality returns. Wherever large numbers of people come together, the risk of infection must still be minimized. That is why there are strict regulations for the catering and hotel industry. To ensure that business can continue as normal as possible, LUSINI offers suitable protective products for use in the catering and hotel industry.

Theken-Hygieneschutzwand mit Sicherheitsglas von PULSIVA

What are the requirements for the hospitality industry in Germany?

The requirements can differ depending on the federal state. However, some requirements apply almost everywhere:

  • Maintain safety distances: A minimum distance of at least 1.5 to 2 meters must be maintained between tables.
  • Stricter cleaning and hygiene requirements: Cleaning intervals must be shortened to prevent germs from spreading unhindered. In addition, all objects that are regularly handled must be thoroughly disinfected.
  • Face masks: Personnel should always wear a mask. Depending on the region, the mask requirement also applies to guests entering and leaving the restaurant.

Why are protective products important in the hotel and catering industry?

The crisis is not over yet: If the infection figures rise again, regulations will be tightened again and catering and hotel businesses may be closed again. With our protective products, you can make an active contribution to keeping the infection figures low. By using protective products, you not only protect your guests, but also your staff and yourself.

What protective products are available?

To provide you with the best possible support in this difficult situation, we have expanded our range to include a large selection of protective products that you can use in many areas:

  • Protective elements: Protect guests and staff from infection with our hygiene protection walls and hand-free door dpener.
  • Barrier elements: Use separation systems to mark which areas are accessible to guests and which are not. You can also separate waiting areas. Place markings on the floor for required spacing.
  • Disposable gloves: Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and when having close contact with guests. Be careful not to touch your face and change gloves regularly.
  • Face masks: Not just for shopping, face masks will be with us for quite some time in the restaurant and hotel industry. Make sure the mask fits well and replace it regularly..
  • Paper towels: While terry towels are better for the environment, in the current situation paper towels are a better choice. Check regularly to see if there are enough paper towels left in the restrooms.
  • Soap dispensers: Regular hand washing is the be-all and end-all! Install soap dispensers - if not already present - and ensure that the soap dispensers are always filled.
  • Disinfection: Provide sufficient disinfectants for staff and guests!.
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