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Beautiful and useful at the same time: Greenery decoration turns your restaurant green

You love greenery and want to beautify your pub, restaurant or café with a fresh, natural decoration in your favorite color? The Greenery trend creates a

That's what's in it? Unusual cocktails and their surprising ingredients

Fancy cocktails: Spices, vegetables and grappa. Conjure up unusual taste experiences for your guests. LUSINI shows you 9 delicious recipes for cocktails with

Wine glasses differences

Choosing the right wine to go with a meal is an art. But not only the wine must fit, the wine glass also plays a decisive role in the taste and smell

Leather aprons cleaning

How do you clean your leather apron? A leather apron made of 100% genuine leather is a natural product that requires special care. To ensure that your leather

Set up a buffet: The classic buffet sequence

Buffets are not only suitable for catering events! Buffets can also be used in a variety of ways in normal everyday gastronomy. There are many different types

Our quality standards for furniture

Horeca furniture has to withstand a lot in everyday use! That's why we place the highest value on quality, safety and durability when developing our

Matching wine with asparagus

Which wine goes best with asparagus? What do you have to look out for in order to find the right wine to go with delicious asparagus dishes? Sommelière Janine

Hotel classification

For guests, hotel stars are a sign of the hotel. But who actually classifies and what criteria are used? In this magazine, we provide tips and information on

Denim - the trendy fabric conquers horeca

White chef jackets, checkered pants and black aprons: the classic color scheme of the catering industry looks classy, but also very classic and offers little

This is how vegan barbecue works: An expert gives tips

Serkan Tunca decided to go vegan a few years ago. In the LUSINI interview, the professional chef gives tips on vegan berbecue and says what must not be

Red beet from the grill

A quick and at the same time very tasty side dish: with the grilled red beet you conjure up a bit of color on your grill plate.

Outdoor styles for the service staff

Whether it's a beer garden, café, barbecue or restaurant with an outdoor area - many catering businesses also work outside. In addition to the general

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