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LUSINI Magazine: Knowledge, Trends & Inspirations

Create menu

The menu is one of the most important signs for your own restaurant. Before you start with the design, you should think about what all belongs in the menu, how

Delivery service - switch now!

The spread of the Corona virus is already massively restricting public life in many places in Europe. Events are being canceled and private parties and

Glass 1x1

LUSINI, your supplier for catering supplies and bar accessories, informs you in our Glass 1x1 about the different types of glass and their usual use. So you

Regional and seasonal cooking

Not least due to the Corona pandemic, the importance of high-quality ingredients is growing. Guests are placing more value on regional and seasonal products.

Cleaning professional shoes

Your professional shoes are as much a part of your everyday life in the catering and hotel industry as your knife, cooking pot or waiter's purse! That's why

Board labeling made easy

Offer boards in individual design are a perfect business card for the business. More and more catering concepts are relying on the old craft of hand lettering

Fascination bartender

There are many prejudices about bartenders. But what does the job behind the bar really look like? LUSINI spoke with Till and Chris, who already gained

That's what's in it? Unusual cocktails and their surprising ingredients

Fancy cocktails: Spices, vegetables and grappa. Conjure up unusual taste experiences for your guests. LUSINI shows you 9 delicious recipes for cocktails with

Set up a buffet: The classic buffet sequence

Buffets are not only suitable for catering events! Buffets can also be used in a variety of ways in normal everyday gastronomy. There are many different types

Shaked, stirred, crushed or iced? The perfect bar equipment for every drink!

Cocktails are popular drinks with guests. But what makes a perfect bar equipment so that all cocktail wishes can be fulfilled? We explain what you need for

Hotel classification

For guests, hotel stars are a sign of the hotel. But who actually classifies and what criteria are used? In this magazine, we provide tips and information on

Strawberry rhubarb crumble on crispy crumble and homemade vanilla ice cream

The perfect mix of crunch and sweet: Rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice cream and crunchy crumble is a fruity

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