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Lava cake with marinated strawberries on mint pesto with baked chocolate and strawberry gel

Sweet, fresh and fruity: with the lava cake on mint pesto and fresh strawberries, a diverse taste experience for their guests is

Greenery tips from a professional

Interview with florist Diana

Porcelain guide

Porcelain has become indispensable - whether in the catering industry or at home. But how is porcelain actually made and what needs to be considered when

Beautiful and useful at the same time: Greenery decoration turns your restaurant green

You love greenery and want to beautify your pub, restaurant or café with a fresh, natural decoration in your favorite color? The Greenery trend creates a

Board labeling made easy

Offer boards in individual design are a perfect business card for the business. More and more catering concepts are relying on the old craft of hand lettering

Glass 1x1

LUSINI, your supplier for catering supplies and bar accessories, informs you in our Glass 1x1 about the different types of glass and their usual use. So you

Hot drinks for winter

When the days get darker and colder again, hot drinks like punch and grog may not bring back the summer sun - but they do make you feel cozy and comfortable.

Folding napkins: Bow

We will show you how to fold an attractive bow yourself. The napkin folding is quite simple, so even beginners can achieve a great result. Detailed

Material guide: Sustainable plastic alternatives for catering and take-away

Tableware and packaging made of single-use plastic will be banned throughout the EU from 2021. However, there are many areas in the catering industry in

Corporate Christmas parties - how to prepare for the festive season

Corporate Christmas parties are as much a part of the pre-Christmas season as cinnamon stars and mulled wine - but in the catering industry, this time can

Christmas decoration trends

No time of the year stands so much for atmospheric decoration as Christmas! Lovingly designed Christmas decorations skillfully put your guests in the mood for

Reusable packaging in the take-away sector

Every year, many tons of waste are generated by single-use plastic packaging! In order to reduce the amount of plastic waste, a ban on products made of

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