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Table accessories

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More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
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Table accessories for horeca - an overview

Serviette Tarina Uni in grau von ERWIN M. mit Serviettenring auf einem Teller

These table accessories can not be missing in any well-equipped catering establishment:

  1. Napkins: Napkins are used to keep your hands and mouth area clean during the meal. Thus, you ensure a certain standard of hygiene in your catering business. In addition, napkins are an important part of the table decoration.
  2. Salt and pepper shakers or also salt and pepper mills: With salt and pepper shakers or salt and pepper mills, you offer your guests a certain standard of service. Your guests can thus season the served dishes according to their taste.
  3. Bread baskets: With the help of bread baskets, all types of bread can be served easily and practically. The served bread will stay clean, dry and will not leave crumbs on the table of your guests.
  4. Table signs: Table displays can be used to present menus on tables or to promote special offers or daily specials.
  5. Wind ashtrays: Wind ashtrays are commonly used in outdoor dining to provide guests with a way to dispose of their cigarette butts. This contributes to a neat outdoor area and improves the comfort of your guests.
  6. Cruets: The special holders for oils, sauces and spices such as salt and pepper offer guests a wide range of flavors and spices to season all dishes whether salad or pasta as desired.
  7. Table waste bins: Table waste bins allow your guests to dispose of trash and food scraps directly on the table. This contributes to improved cleanliness and enhances the ambiance.
  8. Sugar shakers: Sugar shakers in the catering industry provide guests with a convenient way to sweeten coffee or tea as desired.

What should be considered when buying table accessories?

When buying table accessories, some things should be considered to ensure that the right accessory is chosen for its needs and requirements. First, it should be ensured what needs your guests have. For example, in a café, sugar shakers should definitely not be missing, while wind ashtrays are not essential as long as you do not cater to outdoor diners. Furthermore, it should be noted that the table accessories used visually match your interior style and ambience to achieve a uniform overall picture.

When purchasing, it is also important that you order table accessories in sufficient quantity to be able to replace damaged accessories as quickly as possible. We will be happy to help you calculate the right quantity for your restaurant, café or catering business.

Buy table accessories online now - for the kitchen or your catering business - of course at LUSINI!