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Wind ashtray

Still 12 products in your filtering in Wind ashtrays

Windaschenbecher auf Tisch

How does a wind ashtray work?

A wind ashtray ensures that the ashes of cigarettes are not swirled around by a gust of wind, soiling guests or tables. To make the ashtray windproof, there are several devices.

The simplest variant of wind ashtrays is a table ashtray, in which the edge of the ashtray is widened. This leaves only one opening for ashing or pressing out the cigarettes in the middle, the wind can not whirl up the ash.

A very elegant version of the wind ashtray is the stainless steel rotary ashtray. It has a rotating device, with the help of which ashes and cigarette butts disappear into the ashtray by pressing the rotating rod. What remains is a blank round disc made of stainless steel.

Wind or storm ashtrays are mainly for table use. If you are looking for fixed solutions for the disposal of ashes and cigarette butts, you will find here for your outdoor area our stand ashtrays or inconspicuous-elegant wall ashtrays for mounting on the wall.

Wind ashtrays in catering - indispensable for outdoor tables

As soon as the first rays of sunshine make it possible for your guests to use outdoor tables, wind ashtrays cannot be missing. They help to keep tablecloths, tables and your outdoor surfaces free of ash residue or flying cigarette butts. Thanks to the classy finishes, our wind ashtrays become an additional table accessory.

What designs of wind ashtrays are there?

Wind ashtrays are available at LUSINI in many different designs:

  • Wind ashtrays made of porcelain: in this variant, the ashtrays harmonize very well with your table setting. Simply select the desired material in the filter to display all porcelain ashtrays.
  • Wind ashtrays made of glass: Glass ashtrays are practical and easy to clean. At the same time, they provide a clean look on the table.
  • Wind ashtrays made of metal: If you choose a stainless steel table ashtray, you choose a very robust and attractive material. Stainless steel is weatherproof and corrosion resistant. So your table ashtrays will have a very long life.
  • Wind ashtrays made of plastic: These ashtrays are a favorable alternative to storm ashtrays made of porcelain or stainless steel. Here in the store, simply choose the design that best suits your furniture and style.

How to clean a wind ashtray

Before cleaning wind ashtrays, make sure there are no hot ashes or glowing cigarette butts in them. To empty the ashtrays, it is recommended to always use a metal waste container into which nothing flammable is thrown.

Once the cigarette residues are disposed of in the trash, you can clean the ashtrays very easily with a brush. Coarse dirt can be removed with a little washing-up liquid and water. Most horeca ashtrays are also suitable for the dishwasher.

Order wind ashtrays for horeca online at LUSINI now. Proven quality and a wide selection for demanding customers.