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More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
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Hotel supplies for connoisseurs

Klein eingerichtetes Schlafzimmer mit einem Bett in der Mitte

Our hotel supplies with brains guarantee wellness ambience and pure relaxation - and that's exactly what your visitors long for in their hotel room after a hard day or a long journey. Our fragrant and high-quality selection of hotel cosmetics makes your guest feel like a king - and that's how it should be! Discover our ideas for your wellness oasis and get inspired. Ensure fragrant room air and good mood with the finely assorted hotel supplies and catering supplies from your gastro and hotel professional LUSINI. Order your room and bathroom accessories according to your needs. Hotel and gastronomy show themselves from their most pleasant side!

Pampering as needed: Hotel for the senses

In addition to the fine cosmetic extras, we carry a whole range of practical accessories for bathroom & toilet such as hair dryers, waste garbage cans, toilet sets or our practical shoe shine machine. Order your hotel supplies around the clock with just a few clicks from the specialist - at LUSINI! We ensure a quick processing of your purchase order, risk-free shopping and satisfied guests! Click through our online store and be fascinated by our stylish repertoire of hotel supplies.

Hotel accessories - large selection for high demands

Guests who stay in a hotel expect facilities that are in no way inferior to those in their own home. However, the ambience must also be right and everything must convey a hospitable impression in which one feels well taken care of, comfortable and welcome. Hoteliers have to think of a whole range of things more than restaurateurs who run a restaurant, because there the guests go home again after the meal. Hotel accessories therefore go beyond catering supplies in their scope and demands and must be very well thought out from the outset so that nothing is forgotten in the end.

Hotel accessories are more than beds and cabinets

Anyone who runs a hotel or wants to open one knows that the furnishing of the rooms is the be-all and end-all and therefore the room furnishing is an important point for all hoteliers. In addition to wardrobes and beds, hotel accessories also include other furnishings such as sofas, seating groups, televisions, shelves, tables, chairs, wardrobes and lights in a wide variety of designs, because not only the actual rooms but also common areas such as the lobby, reception and computer corners must be equipped. However, the furniture for the rooms and all other premises is part of the basic equipment of the hotel and is rather rarely renewed in the course of business. On the other hand, in the rooms, in the bathrooms as well as in the lobby, at the reception, in the kitchen and in the restaurant, there is a lot that has to be replaced, supplemented and constantly purchased on a daily basis.

Hotel accessories and catering supplies for kitchen and restaurant

Almost every hotel also has a restaurant and a kitchen where a lot of catering supplies are needed every day, from pots, dishes and cutlery to table linen, napkins, trays and tablecloths. In this area, catering supplies and hotel accessories are no different, because hotel guests and want to be offered a culinary experience while eating just like restaurant visitors.

In any hotel and restaurant tableware, cutlery, napkins and table linen should be coherent and suitably combined to create a beautiful and neat ambience. When purchasing catering supplies, do not forget to choose stylish glasses, candlesticks, vases and bowls.

Hotel accessories- textiles can not miss

Indispensable in terms of hotel accessories are all kinds of different textiles both in the guest room and in the rooms and bathrooms. While in a restaurant the need for textiles extends primarily to table linen and napkins, in a hotel much more is needed. Towels, shower towels, pillowcases, sheets, bed linen, bed runners and sofa cushions are a matter of course for the furnishings of any hotel or guesthouse. Therefore, when thinking of hotel supplies, these things are also the first associations that come to mind for a hotelier and also a guest.

Subtle colors and very discreet patterns are very high in the selection just behind classic white or cream and can be found in most hotel rooms worldwide, especially since they unobtrusively adapt to any interior style. Textiles as hotel supplies are not only found in the rooms and bathrooms, but also in the wellness area, which very many hotels have. Therefore, in addition to towels and shower towels, bathrobes and sauna sheets are often part of the hotel equipment.

When offering textiles for hotel use should consider some characteristics, because they should be easy to clean and hygienic, after all, guests want to experience hygiene and cleanliness as at home and be able to revel in the illusion of being the first guests to spend the night in this bedding or dry themselves with the towels offered.

Hotel supplies - everything for housekeeping

The heart of every hotel is the housekeeping, because these good spirits make sure that the rooms are always clean and fresh. So that they can do their job efficiently, some hotel supplies are also needed. Cleaning agents and cloths, room sprays, floor trolleys and cleaning equipment are therefore indispensable hotel accessories that must never run out and must be constantly replenished. In addition to these practical things, door signs, key rings and extras such as fans are also part of the hotel supplies with which housekeeping ensures the well-being of its hotel guests every day.

Professional clothing for hotel employees

Hotel equipment of a completely different kind is the optimal outfitting of the various professional groups employed in a hotel with workwear and associated accessories. Service staff in the restaurant, kitchen staff, housekeepers and chambermaids should be practically equipped according to their job and also always look neat to support the overall image of the hotel. Also at the reception and at the reception professional clothing is a great advantage, because so the guest is offered a coherent and uniform image immediately upon arrival.

Hotel supplies - indispensable extras

Besides the classic things that come to everyone's mind when it comes to hotel supplies, there are also some things that should not be missing in a hotel, but are usually overlooked or taken for granted. A safe for valuables is gladly used by every hotel guest to safely store his valuables in it and also the minibar, no matter in which size, simply belongs in a hotel room.

A good hotel can be recognized by the little things and therefore the hotel equipment should not stop at those. Shoehorns and hangers, bed runners, hair dryers and towel holders are simply as indispensable as wastebaskets and cosmetic bins in the bathroom. Equally part of the hotel equipment is stationery in the form of pens and a pad at the cozy writing desk.

If you look closely, guests and hoteliers will find things in every nook and cranny that are part of the hotel equipment and should be checked regularly and renewed if necessary.

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