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Hotel classification

For guests, hotel stars are a sign of the hotel. But who actually classifies and what criteria are used? In this magazine, we provide tips and information on the topic of hotel star classification, the requirements and everything about the process.

großzügiges Boxspringbett in Petrol mit weiß-grauer Bettwäsche
großzügiges Boxspringbett in Petrol mit weiß-grauer Bettwäsche
Goldene Sterne der Hotelklassifizierung

How the awarding of hotel stars works

Many guests expect a certain standard on vacation - but there is no internationally uniform, mandatory classification for hotels. In order to nevertheless be able to offer guests an overview of the services they can expect, hotel associations from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Hungary have founded the Hotelstars Union. The patron is HOTREC - Hospitality Europe.

In the meantime, other countries have joined the Hotelstars Union:

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Greece
  • Liechtenstein
  • Slovenia
europäische Mitgliedsstaaten in der Hotelklassifizierung

However, the classification does not only serve the clarity and comparability for the guest: The hotel operators also benefit from the star categories, because due to the reliable standards they get a competitive advantage over the competition.

großzügiges Boxspringbett in Petrol mit weiß-grauer Bettwäsche

Is classification compulsory?

Classification is voluntary, so each hotel operator can decide for himself whether he wants to be rated. In addition, the rating criteria are known, so that each hotel knows in advance which category is suitable for the hotel. Those who no longer wish to participate in the star classification can leave at any time.

Who can be classified?

All lodging establishments that can be clearly classified as a hotel can be classified. For hotels that significantly exceed the required number of points for a star category, but cannot be classified higher due to a lack of minimum requirements for the next category, the addition "Superior" is awarded. Hotels Garni can also participate: Here, lower overall scores must be achieved, as the minimum criteria of restaurant and food service are omitted. For one star hotels Garni must reach at least 70 points, for two stars 150 points are needed. Three stars are awarded from a minimum score of 240, and 380 points must be achieved for four stars. Five stars are not awarded for hotels garni.

Who carries out the classification?

In Germany, classification is carried out by companies commissioned by DEHOGA for this purpose. Often this is also done in cooperation with the relevant Chamber of Industry and Commerce or local tourism associations.

How does the classification process work?

The hotel operator must fill out a survey form, which is then checked and electronically evaluated. Depending on the total number of points achieved, the establishment is then classified in one of the five star categories. The classification must be repeated every three years. In order to be able to market the classification, the hotel operator receives a certificate and a sign that can be displayed in the entrance area. To ensure that the classification is actually awarded legitimately, all hotels are checked again. The inspections are carried out by representatives of the tourism associations as well as the hospitality industry. This ensures that the classification is neutral.

Hotelzimmer mit Meerblick - Interior mit brauner Couch

What criteria are used for evaluation?

There are minimum criteria that the German Hotel Classification has set for each star category. The more stars awarded, the more requirements there are. The following areas are evaluated:

Collage aus einem großzügigem Frühstücksbereich und einem beigefarbenen Boxspringbett
  • General information about the hotel
  • Reception & Service
  • Rooms
  • Gastronomic offer
  • Event area
  • Leisure activities
  • Quality and online activities

One star | ★

  • All rooms with shower/WC or bathtub/WC
  • Daily room cleaning
  • WLAN internet access in the public area and in the rooms
  • Table and chair
  • Soap or washing lotion
  • Offer of hygiene articles on request
  • Reception service
  • Bath towels
  • Monitor with television program of appropriate size for the room conditions with remote control
  • Extended breakfast offer
  • Offer of beverages in the company
  • Deposit possibility
  • Cashless payment

Minimum score: 95; for Superior 180 points

schlichtes Einbettzimmer mit hellgrauer Bettwäsche

Two stars

Three stars

Four stars

Five stars

Two stars | ★★

  • Breakfast buffet
  • Reading light by the bed
  • Foam bath or shower gel
  • Hand and bath towels
  • Linen lockers
  • Bilingual staff
  • Sewing kit and shoeshine utensils on request

Minimum points: 180, for Superior 270 points

Doppelbett mit weißer Bettwäsche und blauem Läufer

Three stars | ★★★

  • Reception service manned 10 hours, available 24 hours via digital communication or telephone.
  • Seating area in the reception area, luggage service on request- secured luggage storage for guests
  • Beverages available in the room
  • Internal and external communication device accessible to the hotel guest
  • Audio / multimedia entertainment
  • Hair dryer, paper face towels
  • Dressing mirror, suitcase storage
  • Washing and ironing of guest linen
  • Extra pillow and blanket on request
  • Systematic handling of guest complaints
  • Bilingual hotel website

Minimum score: 270, for Superior 410 points

Boxspringbett mit hochwertiger weißer Bettwäsche und schwarzem Läufer

Four stars | ★★★★

  • Reception service manned 16 hours, physically available 24 hours via digital communication or telephone
  • Lobby with seating and beverage service, hotel bar or lounge area - Breakfast buffet with service, or equivalent breakfast menu
  • Minibar or maxibar, or 24-hour beverage room service
  • comfortable seating (upholstered chair/couch) with side table/shelf
  • Bathrobe and slippers on request
  • Cosmetic articles (e.g. shower cap, nail file, cotton swabs), cosmetic mirror, generous storage space in the bathroom
  • International television channels

Minimum score: 410, for Superior 610 points

großzügiges Boxspringbett mit weißer Bettwäsche und braunen Kissen

Ausschnitt eines Badezimmer mit Fokus auf Waschbecken und Handtüchern

Five stars | ★★★★★

  • 24 hours manned reception service, 24 hours physically reachable via digital communication or telephone
  • Car service
  • Concierge shuttle service or limousine service
  • Luggage service
  • Personalized welcome with fresh flowers or gift in the room
  • Mini-bar and 24-hour room service food and beverages
  • Breakfast menu in room service
  • Internet terminal in the room on request
  • Safe in the room
  • Ironing service (within one hour), shoe shine and sewing service
  • Evening turndown service

minimum score: 610, for Superior 710 points

großzügiges Boxspringbett mit hochwertiger weißer Bettwäsche und drei Kissen

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