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Horeca furniture - a balancing act between high demands

Blick in eine gemütliche Ecke in einer Bar mit braunen Gastronomie-Möbeln

When evaluating gastronomic establishments, the first impression is crucial and therefore the correct furnishing of your restaurant is of particular importance. Whether it is a classic restaurant, a hip bar, a trendy lounge, a cozy café or a family-friendly ice cream parlor - the essential characteristic of professional restaurant furniture is to meet a wide variety of demands at the same time. On the part of restaurateurs, maximum robustness, functionality and attractive prices are in demand, while restaurant furniture for guests should embody both style and design, as well as maximum comfort, in order to create an all-round welcome feeling of well-being. With VEGA and our wide range of different catering furniture - tables and chairs, armchairs and furniture for your bar, down to the last details such as cutlery cabinets, you can easily navigate the potential minefield of unsuitable catering furniture, as quality and design requirements are equally fulfilled.

Horeca furniture - functional and suitable for individual style

As a purchase for a long time, the interior of their restaurant should convince with functionality and look. This also means that you need to offer a simple solution to common problems, such as lack of space. This is a no-brainer with stackable chairs and folding tables that can be stored easily and in a small space when needed. In addition, benches with storage space under the seats lend themselves very well to convenient storage of excess seat cushions and pillows. Maximum functional utility and flexibility are also offered by easily combinable furniture. Classic, square tables and chairs for the catering industry allow spontaneous and quick rearrangement of seating groups - so not only small but also large groups of guests can be accommodated at a table by moving them together in no time at all. But even a simple cutlery cabinet can work wonders.

Current trends meet individual character of your gastronomy

Besides such practical aspects, however, you should not lose sight of current trends and the individual character of your gastronomy when furnishing your restaurant. The latest home and restaurant trends generally point to clean lines and few frills. With simple shapes and smooth structures, but also natural materials such as cotton, leather, linen and light woods can score points at the moment. In terms of color, both pastel shades and bold colors are in vogue, while the trend in seating furniture is clearly toward maximum comfort and lounge-like armchairs.

In addition to considering current trends, it's also important to include the specifics of your establishment when purchasing new restaurant furniture. For example, restaurants can keep a variety of decor options open by choosing unupholstered chairs. By equipping them with seat cushions, it is possible to sustainably transform the ambience of the guest room by regularly changing them - in contrast, upholstered chair variants automatically promise your guests the highest level of seating comfort. For classic restaurants, we also recommend furniture sets that can be expanded at will, while urban bars with a young target clientele should perhaps look for a deliberate change of style in the purchase of restaurant furniture of different styles. Dynamic bar tables and cool bar stools make great furnishings if their guests consist mainly of spontaneous walk-ins. At an event, you can add that extra something to the bar tables with elegant bar table covers. If, on the other hand, guests are to be encouraged to linger, few things achieve better results than comfortable sofas and armchairs. Knowing one's own style is therefore just as important for the furnishing of a restaurant as objective quality criteria.

Horeca furniture - suitable materials and proper care

In order to be happy with catering furniture for as long as possible, the selection of the right materials for the required area of use is crucial. While there are hardly any restrictions for indoor furniture in the choice of materials for restaurant tables, barstools or restaurant chairs, weather resistance is the top priority for outdoor furniture. Accordingly, patio furniture is mainly made of modern plastics, hardwoods pre-treated with oil or wax, and rustproof metals such as aluminum or special steel.

These materials are all characterized by ease of care and robustness - should soiling nevertheless occur, this can be quickly remedied. Plastics - both indoors and outdoors - are easiest to wipe with a damp microfiber or soft duster without cleaning agents. The drier the cloth, the gentler the procedure for the material. Special furniture polishes, on the other hand, can usually be used to polish away light scratches without any problems - but these should be oil-free and without abrasive particles, as they could otherwise attack the plastic. For impregnated wood - especially outdoors - it is advisable to treat the wood at regular intervals with wax or oil. This relatively time-consuming procedure is profitable because the original protection against moisture and cracks can be maintained in the long term in this way. This step is not necessary for varnished woods. Lacquers protect the wood permanently and wiping their restaurant furniture with a soft dust cloth is quite sufficient for maintenance. With the right furniture and the right care, almost nothing stands in the way of a successful business.

VEGA quality standards for furniture

Horeca furniture must withstand a lot in everyday life! Our furniture quality standards ensure trouble-free use for the catering industry. Only if furniture meets these standards, it will be included in our assortment:

  • Selection of materials: The materials of our furniture go through strict tests to meet the tough requirements of the catering industry. In the process, they are tested in the test laboratory on various situations from everyday catering.
  • Tilt resistance We test all our seating furniture for tilt resistance in accordance with the EN 1022 standard. Here, the seating furniture is loaded with a specific load on the backrest. In the process, the object must not tip over.
  • Load capacity: The maximum load capacity of our seating furniture is 160 kg per seat. In long-term tests, we ensure that the furniture can withstand this load permanently.
  • Fire protection: Our upholstered furniture meets the most important European fire protection standards required for hotel or restaurant furnishings. This greatly minimizes the fire risk for furniture
  • Durability: All our seating is tested for durability according to the EN 1728 standard. The seat and backrest must withstand 100,000 load cycles. Thus, in 8 days in the test laboratory, up to five years of use in the catering industry is simulated.
  • Service life Our seating furniture is very durable and will last for many years with average use. This long service life is simulated and tested in the test laboratory.

Material guide: Furniture

Furniture is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your equipment! That's why at VEGA you'll find tasteful Horeca furniture for every style and concept. We offer you a wide selection of different materials.

In our material guides you will find all materials, their advantages and tips on care: