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Bequeme Sessel und Kunststoffstühle in einer Lounge

Chairs for horcea & Co.

Stühle in unterschiedlichen Stilen und Materialien

The chair as we know it today has a long and storied past: the development of the four-legged chair began about 5000 years ago, when kings and emperors made the throne the symbol of their rule.

Nowadays, the chair is used everywhere every day. Whether in the home office, at lunch, at work or in a restaurant - a comfortable sitting experience is important! The right chair is essential for this.

Finding the right chair

Whether it's eating in a restaurant, sipping a cappuccino at your favorite café, getting together with friends, or working in a home office, many people spend most of their day sitting down. So it's all the more important that you sit comfortably and healthily! And that doesn't just apply to the office or the dining table at home: guests should also be able to sit well and comfortably in a restaurant.

That's why at LUSINI you'll find a wide selection of different chairs - from timeless classics to stylish all-rounders. Wooden chairs, fabric chairs, bistro chairs: In our assortment you will find the right chair for every gastronomic concept and every interior style.

  • Wooden chairs: Different types of wood and surfaces as well as colors allow an individual design of the ambience. Wooden chairs are extremely stable and robust. This makes them very durable - without requiring much maintenance.
  • Fabric chairs: For our fabric chairs, we use only high-quality, tear- and abrasion-resistant material. So you can enjoy your chairs for a long time - even if they are to be used in the catering industry.
  • Plastic chairs: The weather-resistant all-rounders are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, they are extremely easy to clean due to their smooth surface..
  • Aluminum chairs: No special care is required for these lightweight and handy chairs, making them robust and weather-resistant seating options.
  • Banquet chairs and Conference chairs: A chair for a banquet or a conference should be especially comfortable! That is why such chairs usually have a soft and padded seat and armrests. So long meetings will not be uncomfortable for your employees and guests in the meeting room will sit comfortably.
  • Imitation leather chairs: Real leather or artificial leather? Visually hardly distinguishable! Imitation leather chairs are robust and UV-resistant. They are also easy to clean: Most stains can be quickly removed with a damp cloth. That's why chairs made of imitation leather are not only ideally suited for use in the catering industry, but also for a household with children and pets.
  • Wicker chairs: Since the fibers of the chairs do not absorb liquid and are insensitive to high temperature fluctuations, they are perfectly suitable for your outdoor use. The high flexibility of the material makes the chairs tear resistant. Of course, the chairs also look great indoors!
  • Textile chairs: BATYLINE® is a high quality PVC coated micro mesh fabric which is durable and easy to clean. Due to the resistance to UV radiation, the chairs do not deform and are therefore perfect for your outdoor area.
  • Bistro chairs: The practical all-rounders are not only inexpensive, but also weatherproof and space-saving, as they are perfectly stackable. Some of the chairs can also be folded. So they can be quickly and easily put away and stored to save space.

Not only comfortable but also safe

Bequeme Sessel und Kunststoffstühle in einer Lounge

Your safety is very important to us! That is why our chairs have to withstand numerous strict quality tests. Only when we are 100% satisfied with a product is it included in our range. Chairs that are to be used in the catering industry must also withstand completely different stresses than chairs for private use. Thanks to our furniture quality standards, you can always be sure that our chairs are up to the demands of everyday gastronomy. This makes our chairs high-quality and durable furniture for private use as well.

  • The tilt resistance is extensively tested and a safe seat balance is guaranteed
  • VEGA chairs can support loads up to 160 kg
  • To minimize the risk of fire, our chairs comply with European fire safety standards
  • The durability of the chairs is determined by tests for several years

Want to know even more about our furniture and chairs? You can find an overview of all materials for indoor and outdoor use incl. advantages and care instructions in our material guides.