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Still 617 products in your filtering in Cutlery
More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
Banner für LUSINI Taste of Style
Banner für LUSINI Taste of Style
Banner für LUSINI Taste of Style
Banner für LUSINI Taste of Style

Our top brands for horeca cutlery

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High quality cutlery for hotel, restaurant & catering

VEGA Besteck Brilio

Whether in a private environment or in a restaurant - cutlery is simply part of a beautifully set table. At LUSINI you equip your hotel, your catering service or your restaurant with resistant, but still beautiful cutlery. Crown your table decoration with the matching table cutlery - modern, noble, traditional or extravagant.

Buying cutlery for the catering industry: What do I need to consider?

  • What material is the cutlery made of?
    Cutlery with wooden handles requires different care than stainless steel.
  • Are knives, forks & spoons dishwasher safe? *Suitable for dishwashers cutlery will become dull if washed frequently. *
  • How many sets of cutlery are needed?
    A small café needs less cutlery than a professional catering company.
  • Does the cutlery selection match the menu?
    Fish, meat, sundae or latte macchiato require different cutlery.
Did you know?

In fact, the term "cutlery" has been around much longer than the trinity of fork, spoon and knife. In the Middle Ages, cutlery meant a bag in which the personal knife was carried on the body.

Forks, knives, spoons & other cutlery: professional equipment for your catering business

Hochwertige Servierzange

What materials is cutlery made of?

Numerous studies, our own market research and our close customer contact tell us: The cutlery material must be resistant, scratch-proof and easy to maintain. Our spoons, knives, forks, but also our serving cutlery, salad cutlery and soup ladles are either made of

  • Chrome steel, so called 18/0 stainless steel,
  • Stainless steel, so called chrome-nickel steel or 18/10 stainless steel, or
  • Metal and wood suitable for gastronomy, so-called polywood made of several layers of pine wood.
Did you know?

The "dishwasher safe" label is awarded to pots, pans and cutlery that can withstand 1000 rinses at 65°C without damage. "Suitable for dishwashers" is for tableware that is guaranteed to withstand 300 cycles.

How to clean cutlery?

In a well-run restaurant or catering service, piles of dishes should never be a cause for concern. We design our flatware so that cleaning in the dishwasher is not a problem. Our flatware series and individual cutlery sets are made of durable stainless steel that won't be harmed by frequent dishwashing. Some knives and forks also have sturdy polywood handles in wood look, which are also dishwasher safe.

Our tip

For optimum rinsing success, you should have your industrial dishwasher serviced regularly and use rinse aid. The agent reduces the surface tension of the water, making it roll off more easily and reducing the formation of stains. Nevertheless, your service personnel should repolish. You can find more information on materials and care in our material guide for cutlery!

10-year availability guarantee

Durability helps to keep the peace in the hectic everyday life of a gastronome: Even if cutlery disappears, gets broken or partly doesn't look nice anymore, you don't have to replace complete cutlery sets: LUSINI guarantees up to 10 years of assortment durability, so you can repurchase many of our VEGA cutlery series without any problems.

Our horeca cutlery: the right knives, forks, spoons for every establishment:

Elegantes Besteck von VEGA

Unique in design: cutlery from VEGA for every taste

Modern & traditional designs

Opulent chairs, long tables and elegant table runners adorn your restaurant? Easily match your cutlery to the interior style and flair of your restaurant. At LUSINI you will find numerous VEGA cutlery series that take on traditional, elegant or trendy forms: in beautiful shapes and in keeping with the creative spirit of the times.

Our service

Our unique laser branding makes your cutlery very special: We engrave your logo on the handle of forks, knives or spoons. Our customizing service for cutlery can handle both metal and wood. Can't decide which cutlery to equip your catering business with? Then take a personal look at the quality of our cutlery: with our sample service you can compare the weight, cut and color of the cutlery and make your decision easier.

Discover even more information about materials, care and cleaning of cutlery: