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Cutlery sets

Still 23 products in your filtering in Cutlery sets

Besteck-Set Brilio von VEGA

Cutlery sets for connoisseurs with style

Besteck-Set Brilio von VEGA

A uniform overall picture - that is the advantage of cutlery sets! A harmoniously set table with knives, forks and spoons for every type of food and every occasion: That is the goal of VEGA's extensive cutlery range!

The right material for a high-quality eating utensil

Cutlery from VEGA is made of either 18/10 chrome-nickel stainless steel or 18/0 chrome steel, while knives are usually made of 13/0 stainless steel. Therefore, cutlery sets from VEGA convince with these properties:

  • Inexpensive & durable
  • Long cutting life
  • Stainless
  • Resistant to food acid
Our tip

Are you unsure which cutlery set to choose? Then use our sample service! We will send you a free sample - so you can hold your new cutlery in your hand before you decide.

The right cutlery set for everyone

Are you looking for a new cutlery set? Then you've come to the right place! Because in our store you will find a large selection of differently composed cutlery sets. The sets vary between four and 22 pieces.

  • Fork: Various sizes and patterns are available for you to choose from here.
  • Knife: A long cutting life as well as various designs are waiting for you.
  • Longdrink spoon: Whether for ice cream, latte macchiato or long drinks, they are all times practical.
  • Cake forks: You will also find cake forks in our sets for a matching overall look on your set table.
  • Steak cutlery: Particularly sharp knives for optimal meat enjoyment and matching forks round out your barbecue party.

Not only visually appealing, but also high quality

Thanks to the high-quality materials and careful manufacturing, VEGA cutlery is extremely robust. It is also dishwasher safe and mirror polished.

Did you know?

If you place the cutlery in the sink with the handle facing down, there will be fewer water spots because the water can drain off better.

Have we made you curious? Or do you want to know more about our cutlery? In our cutlery material guide you will find extensive information on the subject of cutlery.