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Suitable spoons for horeca

Ein Eislöffel, ein Dessertlöffel und ein Menülöffel

Spoons are available in several designs in the online store of LUSINI. So you will find not only classic table spoons, but also espresso spoons, coffee spoons, ice cream spoons, appetizer and dessert spoons - so we have the right spoon for every need in our assortment! Table spoons are typically used to eat soups or other, more liquid main dishes and should therefore be of a certain size. Dessert or appetizer spoons are significantly smaller in contrast to a soup spoon. This can be attributed to the fact that these dishes are often served in smaller containers and therefore there is comparatively little space for a large spoon. For the same reason, coffee spoons, espresso spoons, mocha spoons, teaspoons and ice cream spoons also tend to be smaller. With ice cream spoons, it should additionally be noted that they are available in different sizes. This has the purpose that the ice cream spoons can be selected appropriately depending on the height of the ice cream cup. Of course, the small spoons can also be used in other ways, for example as egg spoons.

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