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What materials are suitable for outdoor horeca furniture?


Aluminum furniture is very lightweight and handy. Therefore, you can easily move and transport them. Moreover, they are very durable: they can stay outside in the rain as well as be used near the sea.

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What are the advantages of aluminum?

  • Weather-resistant
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Absolutely corrosion-resistant

How to clean aluminum furniture?

Furniture made of aluminum is very easy to clean. Clear water or a gentle lye together with a soft cloth is perfectly sufficient for cleaning the surfaces.

Solid wood

Outdoor furniture made of solid wood scores with its stability and durability. In addition, solid wood captivates with its individuality as a natural material: different grains and knots may be visible. Thus, each piece of furniture made of solid wood becomes an unmistakable individual piece..

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What are the advantages of wood?

  • Stable, robust and durable
  • Wide range of wood species
  • Natural or colored surface treatments
  • Easy-care

How to clean wooden furniture?

You can wipe solid wood furniture with a damp, soft cloth. The important thing is to dry quickly! Our tip: Sustainability is also important to you when furnishing your outdoor area? At LUSINI you will also find outdoor furniture made of certified wood.


BATYLINE® is a high-quality, PVC-coated microgrid fabric. Thanks to its air-permeable, resistant and easy-care fiber weave structure, the material is particularly tear-resistant. It is resistant to UV radiation, does not deform and is easy to clean. Because of its structure, the fabric dries very quickly.

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What are the advantages of BATYLINE®?

  • Extremely tear & abrasion-resistant
  • Especially water & dirt-repellent
  • Dimensionally stable

How is BATYLINE® furniture cleaned?

BATYLINE® can be cleaned with soapy water. A sponge with water is sufficient in most cases. Do not use scouring agents or bleach!

Artificial wicker

Artificial wicker is based on a man-made fiber that is characterized by high flexibility and tear resistance. The fibers are dyed throughout. Thus, color changes over time can be excluded. They do not absorb moisture and the furniture is quickly dry after a rain shower. Artificial wicker is dirt-repellent and insensitive to high temperature fluctuations.

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What are the advantages of artificial wicker?

  • Weather & UV-resistant
  • Colorfast
  • Particularly durable

How to clean artificial wicker furniture?

Simply remove dirt with a damp cloth and a soft brush and some washing-up liquid. Under no circumstances should you use hard brushes. This can damage the surface and there is a risk that the material will become brittle after a while.


Monoblock laminate is made of a mixture of wood chips and special synthetic resins. It is extremely resistant to weathering, chemical substances and mechanical stress.

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What are the advantages of Werzalit?

  • Stable and robust
  • Smooth, waterproof and easy to clean surface
  • Extremely weather and heat-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant and resistant to acidic foods, grease and ash
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

How are Werzalit table tops cleaned?

Clean with a cloth soaked in mild detergent and wipe quickly. Do not use aggressive products.


Polypropylene is a very durable and reliable plastic and is characterized by high strength.

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What are the advantages of polypropylene?

  • Durable & robust
  • Resistant to weather & environmental influences
  • Antistatic
  • Recyclable

How to clean polypropylene furniture?

Clean your plastic furniture occasionally with water and a mild detergent. Strong agents can attack the plastic surface. Dirt can easily accumulate in these areas and sun or light exposure can permanently change the color of the product.


Steel is a very robust metal that can be coated using various surface processes. For outdoor use, the surface must be galvanized before powder coating. This process creates sufficient protection against corrosion.

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What are the advantages of steel?

  • Stable and durable
  • Very easy to clean

How to clean furniture made of steel?

Steel is very easy to clean. It is enough to wipe steel furniture occasionally with water and mild soap, and then quickly dry.

Other materials for the outdoor area

An overview of all materials for outdoor use including advantages and care instructions can be found in our material guide.

What furniture do I need for outdoor catering?

What furniture you need for your outdoor catering depends on several factors. What type of catering do you operate? Should the outdoor area be able to be occupied even in bad weather? Are there natural shade trees or are umbrellas needed? Do you need an additional service station in the outdoor area? Depending on the concept, the answers to these questions will vary. While for a café the tables can be a bit smaller, for a restaurant you need large outdoor tables with enough space for plates, glasses, bread baskets and serving platters.

Our tip

In our guide you will find help for the design of your outdoor area!

In recent years, the trend is increasingly moving away from the simple and utilitarian outdoor area to lovingly decorated outdoor areas that visually move the guest space outside. As a result, the outdoor furniture itself has also changed. In addition to outdoor tables, chairs and benches, outdoor lounge furniture and textiles such as outdoor carpets and decorative pillows are becoming increasingly popular. The cozier your outdoor area is designed, the more it invites your guests to stay! Furnishing ideas for your outdoor area can be found here

What should I look for when buying outdoor furniture?

Moderne Outdoormöbel auf der Terrasse

Of course, your concept plays an important role when choosing your outdoor furniture. But beyond that, you should also make sure that your outdoor furniture is actually suitable for the demands of everyday gastronomy. They should also be sturdy, durable and easy to clean. If the outdoor furniture is to remain standing even in bad weather and during the cold season, the material must be up to the challenge. If you have the ability to put the furniture away when it rains and out of the outdoor season, the furniture should be lightweight and stackable.

What are the regulations for the outdoor area?

As soon as it gets warm just put chairs and tables outside? Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Because there are numerous regulations for operating an outdoor area. Depending on whether the outdoor gastronomy is to be operated in a private or public area, these can also differ once again. For example, for gastronomic use of public areas, a special use permit must usually be applied for from the Office for Road Construction and Development.

Also important is, above all, the Immission Control Act. This includes:

  • Sound and noise protection
  • Air pollution control
  • Light immission

All regulations and requirements can be found here: