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Outdoor furniture for your outdoor area - more space for your guests

Sessel und 3-Sitzer Cassaro von VEGA neben einem Pool

At the latest with rising temperatures in spring, it's time to prepare the outdoor area for your guests. Outdoor furniture creates a cozy atmosphere until well beyond summer, inviting you to relax with a good drink or delicious meal.

With an outdoor area you create the possibility to serve more places in good weather. In winter, outside the outdoor season, the outdoor furniture can be stowed away to save space. Or who knows, maybe you feel like inviting walk-in customers to linger with warm blankets and hot drinks?

No matter what the design of your outdoor catering, our weather-resistant outdoor furniture gives you all the options you need to make your guests as comfortable as possible outside.

Do you need more tips on how to design your outdoor space? Then you can find our guide on outdoor catering regulations here.

Patio furniture for horeca: You can find these designs with us.

Horeca garden furniture is easy to clean and weather resistant. In addition, they are available at LUSINI in many different variants and designs, e.g. as outdoor furniture made of wood. Here is our overview of our horeca outdoor furniture:

  • Outdoor loungers: If you want to offer your hotel guests comfortable relaxation on the terrace or in your garden, outdoor loungers are perfect for this. All loungers in our assortment are weatherproof, durable and visually real eye-catchers.
  • Outdoor table tops: With the matching table base, outdoor table tops can be easily combined to form dining or side tables for your outdoor spaces. In our shop you can find table tops made of teak as well as of robust synthetic resin-wood mixture.
  • Outdoor lounge furniture: Create cozy areas for relaxing get-togethers, after-work events or celebrations when you set up lounge furniture. Ideal for cocktail bars or catered rooftop terraces.
  • Outdoor chairs: Just leave your stackable chairs outside in all weathers. Here you will find our large selection of outdoor chairs for your cafe or restaurant.
  • Outdoor tables: Combine outdoor tables easily with matching seating. At LUSINI you will find a wide range of outdoor tables made of wood or plastic and frames made of aluminum, metal or wood.

Of course, you should provide your guests with sufficient sun protection in the summer. Here you will discover our assortment for sunshades for your catering business or your home.

What materials are outdoor furniture for horeca made of?

Horeca patio furniture must be weatherproof and durable. That is why weather-resistant, easy-care and robust materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, steel or teak are used for this furniture. In this way, our garden furniture for horeca meets the highest requirements for durability and design.

How to clean and care for your outdoor furniture

Cleaning and caring for outdoor furniture is very simple. All pieces of furniture can be quickly cleaned of dirt and stains with a damp cloth and some dishwashing liquid. In addition, your wooden furniture can be maintained with some furniture polish or a few drops of oil. Even though all outdoor furniture is weather resistant, you should not permanently expose the furniture to direct sunlight, otherwise it may fade.

Can I leave my outdoor furniture outside in winter?

In principle, outdoor furniture can remain outside in any weather. However, it is recommended to store the furniture in a garage, basement or shed when the temperature is below zero. This will prevent the wood from cracking or the furniture from warping if the temperatures are too cold.

Discover now outdoor furniture in large selection for the catering industry or the upscale home at LUSINI. Perfect quality and worldwide delivery for business customers.