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Outdoor table tops

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What makes outdoor table tops stand out?

Outdoor table tops for outdoor areas are indispensable if you run a catering business in outdoor areas. This is because these special table tops are not only durable and easy to clean, but above all weatherproof. They can be combined with matching outdoor table bases on the patio so that you can design your outdoor area to suit your requirements.

Teak is a classic material for outdoor table tops. This type of wood comes from certified plantations and is characterized by its particular robustness, resistance and stability. Teak table tops are ideal for upmarket restaurants and captivate with their natural look.

Outdoor table tops made of Werzalit-Topalit consist of a robust monoblock laminate. Synthetic resins are pressed with wood chips. The result is outdoor table tops that are extremely resistant to the effects of the weather. This table top can even withstand chemical substances, acid or grease and ash. The hard surface is also scratch-resistant and heat-resistant.

Horeca outdoor table tops - versatile and in many designs

Like complete outdoor tables or outdoor chairs as well as other outdoor furniture, outdoor table tops in the catering industry are essential equipment if you want to set up outdoor areas for your guests. Outdoor table tops made of compact laminate or wood are versatile. They can be combined with matching table frames. Thanks to their attractive appearance, table tops for the hospitality industry can be used not only outdoors but also indoors.

Outdoor table tops are available from LUSINI in round or angular, square or rectangular shapes. Select the table top you want with just a few clicks and create practical yet robust storage surfaces or dining tables for your guests.

How do I clean and care for outdoor table tops?

The care and cleaning of outdoor table tops depends on the material. In general, outdoor table tops can always be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Mild cleaning agents without aggressive ingredients are recommended.

Teak table tops can also be treated with wood polish to protect and maintain the surface.

What should I look out for when buying outdoor table tops?

If you want to buy an outdoor table top, you should keep an eye on the space available on the outdoor surfaces. At the same time, the base frame or table base must fit the selected table top. If the base is too small, the table may tip over.

All our outdoor table tops are weatherproof. Ultimately, you need to consider whether you want easy-care composite material, compact laminate or natural wood for your table tops. We will be happy to help you with your choice. Simply get in touch with us.

Which table bases match the outdoor table tops?

If you want to use outdoor table tops for your outdoor areas, you need to select suitable outdoor table bases. This is the only way to ensure that your outdoor tables are sufficiently weatherproof.

Buy outdoor table tops online now - large selection, proven horeca quality and worldwide delivery at LUSINI.