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Bar supplies

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More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.
More brands. More services. Entdecken Sie unsere Marken.

This bar equipment should not be missing in your bar

Barkeeper beim Cocktail Vorbereiten

You will find a large selection of bar equipment at LUSINI. In a professional bar, bottle coolers are just as essential as drip mats on which the cocktails or other drinks are placed after filling for serving. In addition, pourers and jiggers are recommended for the correct dosage of spirits. If you want to buy more bartender equipment or bar accessories, we offer everything you need for the skillful cocktail preparation, such as shakers, cocktail glasses or bar spoons.

Important bar accessories for the perfect drink

In our category for bar accessories you will find all utensils for the preparation of cocktails, long drinks or other mixed drinks. Of course, there are shakers for the shaken cocktail, as well as stylish ice tongs, with which you can add ice cubes to your drinks. With a stainless steel bar measure you make sure that all ingredients of your cocktails are measured exactly and your drinks have the perfect mixture.

In addition to utensils for preparing and serving your drinks, one thing should not be missing, of course: The right atmosphere. With LUSINI you can find stylish bar furniture and modern decoration to furnish your bar attractively so that your guests can enjoy cocktails and other drinks in a relaxed mood.

Barstuhl Kansas von VEGA

Bar supplies at a glance

If you want to run a bar professionally, you need not only the right glasses and bar furniture such as barstools and bar tables but also other accessories.

  • All for serving: Serving trays are simply part of every good bar. Here, bartenders can prepare the drinks for the service that brings delicious cocktails, long drinks or the aperitif to the tables.
  • Everything for mixing: Shaker, stirring spoon, stirring glasses, jigger, ice cube tongs and more should be part of the basic equipment in every bar if you also offer cocktails at your bar.
  • Cooling and presenting: It's best to serve sparkling wine and champagne well chilled in a cooler at the table. A cooling tray at the counter of your bar makes a great impression. Champagne and sparkling wine bottles can be presented there on ice.

Bar accessories for home: what all do I need?

If you like to bartend at home, your kitchen or bar should be equipped with cocktail glasses and cocktail accessories like pestles or shakers. Also in vogue are Moscow Mule mugs, which can be used for more than just the cocktail of the same name.

Think also about drinking straws and ice cubes. So you can impress your guests with freshly prepared cocktails or long drinks.

Buy bar accessories in a large selection and proven horeca quality online now - of course at LUSINI.