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Serving trays

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Serving trays: serving food and drinks in style

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Serving trays are indispensable in the catering industry, because they allow to serve food on dishes as well as drinks in style. At LUSINI you will find a wide selection of horeca trays made of metal, wood, in round or square shape. Benefit from proven quality and durable materials.

Serving tray made of wood - the classic in many variations

The serving tray made of wood belongs to the standard in the gastronomy. A professional wooden tray is made of a composite material with a non-slip coating. This makes the entire tray more robust and easy to clean. In hotels, room service also usually brings food and drinks on a wooden tray with handles.

Serving tray round - the ideal shape for drinks

Round serving trays are the typical trays for drinks. They are perfect for serving glasses or bottles. The round shape means that no space is wasted and, in combination with a non-slip surface, drinks remain securely in place, even when service is a little more stressful.

Serving trays - what are the differences?

Serving trays come in many different varieties. The choice already starts with the material. While wood is mostly used for breakfast or decorative trays, plastic is the better choice for serving trays in canteens. This material is very easy to clean. In addition, canteen trays have a special format so that they fit into the tray trolley. Visually, stainless steel serving trays are very attractive, for example, when serving drinks in bars or bistros. Serving trays in silver are at the same time very hygienic and visually appealing.

Professional trays for service usually do not need a handle. When it comes to serving at room service, the service tray with handle is the better choice. Handles also make handling easier when the serving tray is large.

You also have a choice of color with LUSINI. For example, a serving tray in black looks very elegant.

Why do serving trays come in different shapes?

Serving trays are available in different shapes. This allows you to perfectly align your tray to the use. The breakfast tray is rectangular and has handles, while round trays are mainly used for serving drinks. Oval serving trays are suitable for small place settings in bistros or for serving coffee and tea specialties. As a variant there are also serving platters. These are rectangular, flat and come without handles. They are usually used to serve food directly, without placing it on a tray first.

What makes a serving tray a horeca tray?

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A serving tray becomes a horeca tray when it meets high requirements for quality and durability. Mostly, horeca trays are made of stainless steel, melamine-coated pressed wood or plastic reinforced with fiberglass. This makes horeca trays ideal for indoor and outdoor catering.

Unlike conventional serving trays, horeca trays have a surface that is non-slip. This means that drinks or plates stay in place even in the hectic day-to-day service.

What else can I use the serving tray for?

Serving trays made of wood are often also used as a decorative tray. For example, flower arrangements or pepper, salt, vinegar and oil can be placed on it.

Serving trays can also be used as welcome tray. So in your hotel, you can put a bottle of water or a bouquet of flowers in the room as a welcome greeting on the tray.

Discover a large selection of serving trays at LUSINI and buy them online in proven horeca quality.