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The right tray for every need

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Not all trays are the same! In addition to the classic serving tray, trays for more specific needs also await you in the LUSINI range - of course in several sizes. For example, discover our three-piece serving tray consisting of a large tray, a mini tray and useful compartments - perfect for serving coffee and other hot beverages. Also popular with caterers is our practical tray made of solid wood with an extra-high border that prevents glasses and dishes from falling off. Of course, you can also get bill trays at LUSINI. For a better grip, some of our serving trays also have additional handles. These are located on the side of a conventional serving tray and in the middle of special trays, for example for transporting bowls or bottles.

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Visually appealing: serving trays from VEGA

Of course, a serving tray not only has a functional use, but its appearance is also very important. Not only does the material used have a significant influence on the robustness and slip resistance of the trays, but also on the design. Plastic trays, for example, are more suitable for use in canteens, cafeterias or snack bars due to their plain appearance. If you are looking for a more elegant variant, on the other hand, a model made of shiny stainless steel is recommended. However, even with a wooden tray or a tray made of melamine, the service usually provides an upscale atmosphere. Serving platters are not only available in different materials in the online store of LUSINI, you also have the choice between several shapes. The decision whether you ultimately choose a rectangular, a round or rather an oval serving tray is entirely up to you!

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One tray - many possibilities

Trays are not only used in classic gastronomy. Especially in facilities such as hospitals or hotels, serving trays are used to bring food and drink directly to the guests. Often the trays are also used as storage on tables or at the counter. In this way, the serving tray not only keeps everything together in its place, but at the same time, the serving tray also protects the surface of the table or counter from dirt.