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What is a pourer?

A pourer is a special bar accessory that is put on bottles to dispense liquids more easily. Bartenders and baristas use stainless steel or plastic pour spouts to pour syrup into specialty coffees, for example, or to measure out spirits for cocktails or another drink. Spouts can also be used in the kitchen to add oil or vinegar to bottles. Spouts make it easier to measure out when preparing food. Mostly, however, pourers are used when mixing in the bar or pouring at the counter in the horcea.

What are the different types of pourers?

Dispensers for the bar or simple pourers belong like bottle stoppers, bottle holders or drip mats to the standard equipment in the bar or for the cocktail preparation. Here at LUSINI you can buy bottle pourers online in many different designs.

Bottle pourer - pour spirits or other liquids without dripping

Classic bottle pourers are simply inserted into the bottle opening and ensure that you can pour syrup, spirits or soda into mixed drinks or shakers without spilling. Bottle pourers for the bar should not be missing in any catering establishment. These simple pourers are usually made of plastic and are suitable for common bottle necks. Depending on the design, the pourers themselves can be made of plastic or, in a high-quality design, of stainless steel.

Dispensers in the bar and at the counter - simply indispensable

Dosers are indispensable accessories for the bar as well as for bartenders. Dispensers for the bar are put on the bottles of spirits and help to quickly pour 2 or 4 cl, for the single or double. So pourers for spirits are usually also equal to dosers. Different techniques are used here. For example, dosing devices usually work in such a way that the bottle must be held at a certain angle for the dosing device to open. If the bottle is then turned again, the pourer closes exactly according to the desired filling quantity.

How are pourers cleaned?

Pourers are usually not suitable for dishwasher. However, they are easy to clean. To remove residue in a pour spout, you can place it in a cup with warm water and some dishwashing liquid. Additionally, the opening can be gently cleaned with a fine bottle brush. Then rinse the spout again with clean water before putting it back on the bottle.

Buying pourers - this is what you should pay attention to

If you want to buy pourers, you should pay attention to which bottles and for which drinks or liquids the selected product is suitable. For example, some pourers are not suitable for sugary or anise beverages due to their technology. In addition, depending on the design, you can choose whether a 2 cl or a 4 cl pourer is more suitable for dosing. Before you put one of our pourers in the shopping cart, it is best to read in the product description for which drinks and which bottles the article can be used. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have by phone or e-mail. Now complete the bar accessories and buy pourers online - proven horeca quality at LUSINI.