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Quality and design combined: bottle cooler from VEGA

VEGA Champagner-Wanne Rancho

The classic bottle cooler is usually made of robust stainless steel. But also models made of exclusive glass or acrylic are often used as a cooling station for wine, sparkling wine and champagne. The coolers are usually double-walled and thus ensure an even better cooling effect. Great side effect: bottle coolers made of stainless steel, glass and co. convince not only by an outstanding quality, the materials also stand for a noble appearance, which gives every table a certain elegance. The appearance of champagne coolers, wine coolers and champagne coolers is of course not only determined by the material used, but is also particularly dependent on the shape of the bottle cooler. For this reason, at LUSINI you will always find the necessary table and bar accessories for cooling your drinks, from the classic cooler made of stainless steel, reminiscent of a bucket, to the bowl-like champagne bowl in a modern design.

Professional accessories for your bottle coolers

Matching your new bottle cooler, an interesting selection of useful accessories also awaits you in LUSINI's online store. A stainless steel stand, for example, allows you to place the bottle cooler within easy reach outside the table. If you want to attach the cooler directly to the table instead, our table holder is the right choice.

Practical: With our champagne glass holder, you can attach up to twelve glasses to your champagne bowl. If you also like to give your guests the noble drops as a guest gift from time to time, we have just the right thing for you: our reusable Ice.bag® carrier bag, which is available in various colors. Thanks to the simple filling with water and ice cubes, your drinks will stay cool for a long time in this special bottle cooler.

A good champagne or wine service also includes the right bottle cooler. In our assortment you will find the right design for every occasion. You benefit from guaranteed low prices from our dealers and manufacturers and a convenient and secure ordering process.

Bottle cooler for wines

A good white wine requires a drinking temperature of about 8 to 10 degrees Celsius for full flavor development. With the wine bottle coolers in our offer, you can always ensure that the guest can always perfectly enjoy the ordered wine at the table. Depending on your needs, we carry bottle coolers in a wide variety of designs and styles. If space on the guest table is limited, we recommend models with a stand or a separate table holder. The design spectrum to set your drinks properly in scene ranges from classic to modern and materials such as stainless steel, glass or plastic are used. The color palette ranges from black to silver and colorful to transparent.

Bottle cooler for sparkling wine and champagne

Wine coolers for cooling wines, of course, also meet the requirements for sparkling wine or champagne. Nevertheless, there are also separate champagne and sparkling wine coolers to order in our marketplace, which differ in shape and design. Due to the somewhat cooler drinking temperature of 6 to 8 degrees Celsius, the sparkling drinks are often served in larger buckets with ice cubes. There are also no limits to the design of champagne coolers.