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Bottle coolers - what types are there?

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Bottle coolers are indispensable at buffets or when serving bottled wines, champagne or sparkling wine at the table. But a bottle cooler is equally in demand outdoors, at a picnic or a snack prepared on the beach. The coolers create the possibility to offer drinks at the desired drinking temperature even without electricity.

In practice, different variants of bottle coolers have proven themselves, from the simple cooling tray filled with ice cubes, to the handy bottle cooler with a cuff, to the exclusive wine cooler with a stand.

In terms of material, bottle coolers also differ. Very exclusive and effective are bottle coolers made of stainless steel. The metal has the advantage that it can hold cold very well and at the same time is visually very attractive thanks to the chrome surface. Bottle coolers in gastronomy are also available in plastic. It is often made double-walled, so that the air between the two plastic walls serves as an insulating layer to keep the cold.

In practice, bottle coolers are used for only one bottle. At buffets, cooling tubs are also often used to keep several champagne or wine bottles cool. In outdoor bottle coolers, there are also models that offer space for several bottles at once, as in a bottle holder.

Wine coolers usually manage without ice

A fruity white wine or a sparkling rosé, just like a young red wine, taste best when served slightly chilled. As long as only wine glasses are on the table and guests order a new glass when the old one is empty, no cooler is needed. But as soon as bottled wines are put on the table, the wine cooler simply belongs to it. Usually, it is coolers made of metal, stone or double-walled models made of plastic that are used for keeping wine cool. Ice cubes would cool the wine too intensively and limit its bouquet.

If you need suitable vessels for serving wines with a higher drinking temperature, you can find our decanters and carafes here.

Champagne cooler - a must in the catering industry

The optimal serving temperature of sparkling wine and champagne is between 6°C and 8°C. To prevent the drinks in the bottle from warming up too quickly, a champagne cooler is indispensable. For large banquets or buffets, the cooling tub is very impressive. In it, several bottles of champagne or sparkling wine can be kept cool at once. By the way, the tub should not be confused with the ice bucket, which is part of the bar equipment and provides the necessary supply of ice cubes.

Champagne cooler in silver - stylish accessory for the upscale table

A champagne cooler in silver is an additional eye-catcher on an elegantly decorated table. Freshly polished, the cooler shines and really shows off the sparkling beverages such as sparkling wine or champagne to their best advantage. At the same time, the stainless steel champagne cooler reliably fulfills its function and keeps sparkling wine, crémant or champagne at drinking temperature, so that the champagne glasses can be filled with the sparkling drinking pleasure at any time.

Wine cooler made of stainless steel - not only visually a highlight

Wine coolers are available in many different designs, for example, made of stone or plastic. If the wine cooler is chosen from stainless steel, it has many advantages. On the one hand, the material is very easy to clean, robust and very durable. On the other hand, the chrome surface with its silver sheen is a highlight on the festively decorated table next to exclusive wine glasses.

How long does a bottle cooler keep the drinks cold?

How long a bottle cooler keeps drinks cold depends on various factors. If ice cubes or cold packs are used, the cooler can keep drinks chilled for several hours. Some bottle coolers can also be precooled in the freezer, so the cooling time is also increased. Ultimately, the performance of bottle coolers depends on their location. If the coolers are in the sun, the cooling performance will decrease significantly. In any case, however, the bottle coolers ensure that the white wine remains sufficiently chilled during the meal or until the second glass.

How does a double walled bottle cooler work?

Double-walled bottle coolers work similarly to a thermos flask. Between the two thin walls is an airless space, a vacuum. This vacuum has an insulating effect and ensures that both the cold of the bottle cannot penetrate to the outside and the heat of the ambient air can penetrate to the bottle. Thus, the wine in the double-walled cooler remains insulated and cool longer.

Bottle cooler cuffs

Cuffs also work as bottle coolers. They contain a cooling gel and are placed in the freezer beforehand. Then the cuff is placed around the champagne or sparkling wine bottle. This way, the drink can be cooled for a longer time even without a bottle cooler. Unlike a champagne or sparkling wine cooler made of stainless steel, which is very decorative on the table, cuffs are more functional. Buy bottle coolers online now - large selection and proven horeca quality at LUSINI.