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Cocktail shakers

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Cocktailshaker auf einer Theke mit Barzubehör

Cocktail shakers - what types are there?

If you want to buy a cocktail shaker, you have the choice between three common variants, the Boston Shaker, the Cobbler Shaker or the Tin Tin. The Cobbler Shaker is the classic variant of a cocktail shaker. But which shaker is suitable for what? Basically, shakers are suitable for all cocktails that are shaken. A mixing glass is used for mixing cocktails. Which variant of the shaker is used, a cocktail shaker made of glass or a cocktail shaker made of stainless steel, depends on the taste and habits.

Here at LUSINI you will find cocktail shakers for professionals as well as for ambitious hobby bartenders.

Advantages and disadvantages of a cocktail shaker

A cocktail shaker may be used just like cocktail glasses, a jigger, bar spoon or further cocktail accessories like glass straws in no bar is missing. The great advantage of cocktail shakers is that cocktails can be mixed quickly and easily without additional technical equipment. Depending on the size of the bar and the number of guests, bartenders and barkeepers need quite a bit of stamina to use them. Thus, after shaking a few dozen cocktails, it can become exhausting to operate the cocktail shaker. But that is already the only "disadvantage" of the manual shaker.

Boston Shaker - the classic

The Boston Shaker is the simplest variant of the cocktail shaker. It consists of a metal cup and a cocktail glass. All ingredients for the cocktail are put into the metal cup. Then the glass is put on and the cocktail is shaken. After that, the drink can be served immediately without repouring.

Cobbler Shaker - measuring and shaking in one

The Cobbler Shaker consists of three parts and is made of stainless steel. In the large cup, the ingredients for the cocktail can be filled. A small cup is attached to the top cover. It holds between one and three centiliters, ideal for measuring spirits for the cocktail. After plugging the cocktail can be shaken. Then simply remove the cap and pour the cocktail into the glass. Often, a strainer is also integrated in the cobbler shaker, so that no separate cocktail strainer is needed.

Tin Tin Shaker - all metal

The Tin Tin Shaker consists of two metal cups of different sizes. They are simply put together for mixing. A variant to the Tin in Tin Shaker is the so-called Parisian Shaker or French Shaker. In these shakers, the upper cup is even smaller and can be used as a bar measure for spirits.

Depending on the design, cocktail shakers are additionally equipped with a strainer. This is important when fruits or other ingredients are mixed in the shaker. When pouring, this prevents fruit peels from getting into the glass.

What should I consider when buying cocktail shakers?

If you want to buy cocktail shakers, you should pay attention when buying Boston shakers that they may need several mixing glasses. If you choose stainless steel cocktail shakers, you will benefit from a high-quality metal cup that is easy to clean.

When buying, also pay attention to the capacity of the mixing bowl. If you want to do without a bar strainer, select a cocktail shaker with an integrated strainer.

How do I clean and care for cocktail shakers?

Cocktail shakers are made of stainless steel or stainless steel and glass. Therefore, after mixing, the shakers can simply be rinsed with lukewarm water or in the horeca dishwasher. The care of the stainless steel is simple. Polish the shaker for an attractive appearance after rinsing with a soft cloth, then the material shines again.

Buy now cocktail shakers for professional use online at LUSINI in proven horeca quality: Large selection and worldwide delivery.