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Start the outdoor season now

Get outside - get ready for the beginning outdoor season. With comfortable seat cushions and cozy blankets, guests feel at ease and can enjoy a delicious ice cream sundae in the first rays of sunshine. And thanks to vests or polo shirts, the service staff are also very well equipped.

Draußen wohlfühlen im Outdoor-Bereich
Ein schön gedeckter Tisch
Loungemöbel für den Outdoor-Bereich
Decke Pilamo ERWIN M.
Blanket Pilamo
Stuhl Tomeo VEGA
Chair Tomeo
Lounger Filea VEGA
Lounger Filea
Tischdecke Konstanz eckig ERWIN M.
Tablecloth Konstanz angular
Sonnenschirm Siroc VEGA
Sunshade Siroc
Schirmständer Fargo rund VEGA
Sunshade stand Fargo round
Latzschürze Natural Born Griller JOBELINE
Bib apron Natural Born Griller
Grillzange Classic Wood Westmark
Barbecue tongs Classic Wood
Stylische Stühle für Outdoor
Stuhl Esperia VEGA
Chair Esperia
 Eisbecher Ines Pasabahce
Ice cream glass Ines
Damenhose Chino JOBELINE
Women's trousers Chino
Damen-Steppweste Grid JOBELINE
Women's quilted vest Grid
Damen-Polo Cato JOBELINE
Women's polo shirt Cato
Berufsschuh Performance ohne Alukappe JOBELINE
Shoe Performance without aluminum cap
Stuhl Artless VEGA
Chair Artless
Sitzkissen Plano ERWIN M.
Seat cushion Plano
Outdoortisch Taipa beton VEGA
Outdoor table Taipa concrete
Aufsteller Texas VEGA
Streetboard Texas
Festliche Tische im Outdoor-Bereich
Teller flach Taifun VEGA
Plate flat Taifun
Stretch-Stehtischhusse Grace ERWIN M.
Stretch bar table cover Grace
Besteck-Set Sydney 60-tlg. VEGA
Cutlery set Sydney 60-piece
Universalglas Lisa Pasabahce
Universal glass Lisa
Getränkespender Duo Modesto mit Ständer VEGA
Beverage dispenser Duo Modesto with stand
Glas-Trinkhalm Liya 7er Set VEGA
Glass drinking straw Liya 7-piece set
Tischset Tana ERWIN M.
Placemat Tana
Wandaschenbecher Arkea VEGA
Wall ashtray Arkea
Laterne Zemona VEGA
Lantern Zemona
Terrassenheizer Patio Hendi
Patio heater Patio
Ein Teppich für den Outdoor-Bereich
Outdoor-Teppich Danel 72x132 cm ERWIN M.
Outdoor carpet Danel 72x132 cm
Dekokissenbezug Ginko MAGMA
Decorative pillow cover Ginko

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