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Cutlery series

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    Knife, fork & co. made of the best materials

    Besteck-Set Baguette von VEGA

    In addition to appearance, quality is the deciding factor when you buy new tableware and cutlery. That's why we only carry cutlery made of proven metal types: Chrome steel 18/0 cutlery is inexpensive and highly resistant to food acids. Chrome-nickel stainless steel 18/10 is rustproof, dishwasher safe and absolutely resistant to acid and moisture. Our inexpensive monobloc knives are made from one piece of chrome steel 13/0. In our excellent hollow handle knife, the hardened steel blade inserted into the knife handle ensures durability and edge retention. Design your table ensemble with a sense of aesthetics and function - with stainless steel cutlery from VEGA! Our chrome or stainless steel cutlery sets are mostly 30-piece: table spoon, table fork, table knife, coffee spoon and cake fork, and much more.

    Musterbesteck von VEGA

    Sample service - top service, by conviction!

    Time is money - also when buying the right cutlery series. Take advantage of our practical sample service. We will send you a cutlery set with one table spoon, table fork, table knife, coffee spoon and cake fork each, so that you can conveniently compare and select. By the way, we have also thought about the flexibility of sizes: with our cutlery series, you can choose between table and menu cutlery and we also have children's cutlery in our range. And if you would like to expand your cutlery series at a later date, you can rely on the typical VEGA availability guarantee for many cutlery sets!

    VEGA cutlery: Reasonably priced & easy to clean

    Besteck-Set Diamante von VEGA

    Horeca cutlery must withstand all stresses and strains! Our cutlery series are robust, mirror polished and mostly dishwasher safe. To keep your cutlery looking like new even after many uses, our care tips will help: Open the door of your dishwasher immediately after rinsing and do not let your cutlery and dishes dry in it, this way you will avoid annoying stains caused by condensation. Polish monobloc knives with a lint-free cloth after the drying cycle. Treat your cutlery for dull spots and discoloration with a metal care product. This will make any cutlery shine again. This proven agent is suitable for steelware, copper, brass, silver and plastics of all kinds.

    More info about cutlery: Do you know the difference between monobloc and hollow handle knives? The difference lies in the handle: In the monobloc knife, the blade and the handle are forged from one piece. In the case of the high-quality hollow handle knife, the handle consists of two separately manufactured half-shells (chrome-nickel 18/10 stainless steel). The hardened steel blade is cemented into the knife handle and increases the durability and edge retention of your knives.

    Fish cutlery

    Normally, fish cutlery does not require any special cutting power. The pusher (knife) does not cut bones, with it you can loosen the skin of the fish. With the flat shape of the fork, you can easily lift the meat from the bones. Go for high-quality cutlery.

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