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Cutlery material guide

The cutlery is the business card of your table culture and an important part of a stylishly set table! With us, you will therefore find cutlery that can be seen: VEGA cutlery is of the highest quality, is subject to strict testing requirements and is characterized by both classic and ambitious design.

VEGA Besteck-Set Brilio mit einem rautenförmigen Relief im Griffbereich

Materials and care tips for your cutlery

Three groups of stainless steel are used for cutlery:

  • 18/10 Very high quality chrome-nickel stainless steel with excellent rust resistance
  • 18/0 High quality chrome steel, which meets the normal requirements in the catering industry
  • 13/0 High quality knife steel used only for monobloc knives and knife blades
VEGA Besteck-Set Decaso im modernen Design
VEGA Cutlery set Decaso
VEGA Besteck Stockholm im schlichten, klaren Design
VEGA Table fork Stockholm
VEGA Besteck Luano im schnörkellos schlichtem Design
VEGA Table knife Luano

18/10 chrome-nickel-stainless steel

This material is considered the highest quality cutlery and is definitely rust resistant. With 18% chrome and 10% nickel content, these cutlery can withstand all the demands and stresses of the catering industry. With good care, you can use these products for a long time.

Advantages of 18/10 chrome nickel stainless steel

  • Absolutely rust and acid resistant
  • Tasteless
  • 100% dishwasher safe
  • Very easy to clean: Thus saves time during maintenance
  • Very noble and high quality
  • With proper care remains beautiful indefinitely

18/0 chrome steel

Almost as high quality is the material 18/0. This chrome steel has a high resistance due to 18% chrome content. This material is also dishwasher safe and withstands the normal requirements of the catering industry impeccably. For cutlery made of chrome steel also applies: Good care is important for a long service life!

Advantages of 18/0 chrome steel

  • Rust resistant
  • Tasteless
  • Suitable for dishwashers
  • Durable and robust
  • Easy to clean: Saves time during cleaning
  • Cheap to buy
  • Significantly more magnetic than 18/10 cutlery

13/0 chrome steel - knife steel

13/0 chrome steel is often used for knives - that is why this material is also called knife steel. The special thing about 13/0 chrome steel: Rust resistance is combined with particularly good cutting properties. Chromium is softer than steel - therefore a lower chromium content is used for high-quality knives. In addition, the knife blades are hardened. The result: Sharp blades that cut well for a long time. Supporting you should care for your knives regularly.

Advantages of 13/0 chrome steel

  • Long blade life: Stays sharp for a long time
  • Rust resistant
  • Suitable for dishwashers
  • Durable and robust
  • Easy to clean: Saves time during cleaning
VEGA Besteck Sydney im modernem Design
VEGA Cutlery set Sydney

So that your cutlery stays beautiful for a long time: Care tips

Good care is important for a long service life. The following applies to 18/10 and 18/0 stainless steel: Cleaning in the dishwasher is usually sufficient. However, make sure that the cutlery is dry after cleaning. In this way you can avoid lime stains. Knives made of 13/0 chrome steel are also suitable for dishwashers. However, because of the lower chrome content, the blades should be dried well immediately - otherwise flash rust will occur.

Cutlery is used frequently and intensively - this quickly results in minor, inconspicuous scratches. Cutlery that is used for a long time can therefore be repolished from time to time. It is best to use a cutlery polish for this purpose. Alternatively, you can have the cutlery polished in a cutlery polishing machine. Caution: Knives should be re-sharpened after machine polishing!

VEGA Besteck Marokko im außergewöhnlichem Design mit feinem Präge-Dekor
VEGA Cutlery set Marokko
VEGA PIzza-/Steakbesteck Picanha mit Griff aus Holz
VEGA Pizza/Steak fork Picanha
VEGA Besteck SALERNO - hochglanzpoliert
VEGA Table knife Salerno

Special shapes and special surfaces

Some cutlery requires special treatment due to its construction or different surfaces.

Cutlery in Vintage Look are trowalized. This means that a special treatment gives the cutlery a matt surface. With a polish, however, this shabby chic look is lost. Therefore, trowalized cutlery should not be repolished. The same applies to satin-finished or partially satin-finished cutlery.

Cutlery with wood handle also requires special care. Cleaning in the dishwasher is possible, but the wood should be treated with a care oil every now and then. This refreshes the wood tone and the knives remain beautiful for a long time.

VEGA Besteck Luano im schlichten Design
VEGA Table fork Luano
VEGA Besteck Picanha mit Holzgirff
VEGA Pizza/Steak knife Picanha

The structure of table, appetizer and steak knives

Knives can be made in different ways. At LUSINI you can find monobloc knives and hollow handle knives:

Monobloc knife

Blade and the handle are made of the same 13/0 material and forged in one piece. About 80% of our knives are made this way. The production is uncomplicated, the knife is hardened throughout and remains sharp for a long time.

Hollow handle knife

Hollow handle knives combine the best material properties and pleasant handling. The blade has a tang and is made of hardened 13/0 steel. The handle is a kind of shell made of 18/10 stainless steel. The blade and handle are bonded together with a cementitious resin. This makes the knife light, gives it a balance and makes it comfortable to hold - perfect for ambitious gastronomes!