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Horeca tables for your restaurant at LUSINI

Material: Solid wood

Natural material, which is cut from trees. The individual lamellas can also be glued together to form sheets. Real wood veneer is made of very thin, cut wood lamellas, which can be glued together to form large sheets. Due to the natural growth of the tree, each piece of wood gets its special grain and may also contain knots. Thus, each piece of solid wood furniture is a unique and unmistakable.

Advantages: Stable, robust and durable: So you save costs in the long term! Large selection of wood species and natural or colored surface treatments for an individual design of your ambience! Easy to clean: Saves time when cleaning!

Care instructions: To keep the wood beautiful for a long time, we recommend cleaning with a damp, soft cloth. Then dry quickly.

Material: Aluminum

Aluminum furniture is lightweight and therefore super handy to transport. At the same time, they are very robust and can be left outside even in the rain without any problems, optimal also for regions by the sea.

Advantages: Weatherproof! Lightweight and stable! Absolutely corrosion resistant!

Care instructions: Furniture made of aluminum does not require special care. Clear water or a gentle lye together with a soft cloth are perfectly sufficient for cleaning the surfaces.

Material: steel

Very sturdy metal that can be coated with different surface methods. For outdoor use, the surface must be galvanized before powder coating. This provides adequate protection against corrosion. For stainless steel, there are different quality levels, which are suitable for and which are not suitable for outdoor use.

Advantages: Very stable and durable! Very easy-care and easy to clean!

Care instruction: Occasionally clean with water and mild soap and dry quickly.

Other materials for furniture

An overview of all materials for indoor and outdoor use including advantages and care instructions can be found in our material guides.