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Hotel mattresses

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For restful nights

Matratze von ERWIN M.

One thing is certain: guests want to feel completely at home in your hotel - not least in their own room. Because it is often the first impression, or rather the first night, that is decisive. After all, a restful stay includes above all a balanced sleep. Here also applies as with the purchase of tableware, glasses, table linen or decoration: The choice of hotel equipment should not be made too hastily - also box spring beds, pholstered beds, slatted frames, hotel mattresses and toppers want to be selected with care. Ensure a unique sleeping experience with high-quality hotel mattresses from ERWIN M. - just like in your own bed! Our large assortment convinces thereby by a varied offer of most diverse hotel mattresses: Mattresses for box spring beds, spring mattresses (with bonnell or pocket spring core) as well as cold foam mattresses.

The right hotel mattress for your box spring bed

Box spring beds are more popular than ever - and no longer just in your own four walls! No wonder, because after all, the hotel beds are not only known for their special look, but also for the highest sleeping comfort. Get the incomparable comfort also in your hotel with a box spring mattress from ERWIN M.. In our category "Box spring mattresses" we have prepared for you two high-quality comfort mattresses, each of which can be ordered in four different sizes. Choose between foam mattress and spring mattress.

Which innerspring mattress do you choose?

Innerspring mattresses are also popular in the professional hotel industry. Basically, a distinction is made between two types: the pocket spring core mattress and the bonell spring core mattress. Of course, both types are available in the LUSINI online store. But where is the elementary difference between these two innerspring mattresses? While the springs of a pocket spring mattress are visually reminiscent of small barrels and the mattress only yields through them where it is also loaded, the spring core of the bonnell variant consists of a multitude of interconnected wires that are supposed to let the mattress swing along as a whole.

Proven classic: hotel mattresses made of cold foam

In addition to the box spring mattress and the innerspring mattress, you will of course also find the classic among mattresses at LUSINI under the category "cold foam mattresses". But why has this particular model proven itself in the hotel industry? The cold foam mattress has numerous positive properties - for example, thanks to the cold foam, the mattress can be easily turned and folded and at the same time adapts to the body and slatted frame. In addition, the material is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Easily order the mattresses that fit your hotel at LUSINI!

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