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Bread baskets

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Buy bread baskets - designs, material and sizes.

Whether on the buffet or the breakfast table, for a snack or soup, bread baskets are simply part of the stylishly set table. At buffets, they are complemented by cutting boards and bread knives as well as other buffet accessories. Classically, baked goods are served in wicker bread baskets. But now there are also plastic baskets that are in no way inferior to natural wicker. A bread basket made of metal or stainless steel exudes simple elegance. A bread basket in black looks particularly modern. Metal baskets have the advantage over the wicker basket that they are easier to clean and more robust. Whether in the bistro or in the upscale gastronomy: bread baskets made of wicker or rattan still remain popular. Here at LUSINI you will find a wide selection of bread baskets in different variants and sizes, made of wicker as well as metal, plastic or textiles.

Bread basket woven - the classic

If you want to serve a baguette in style and score points in the presentation of baked goods, as well as different types of bread at breakfast, go for the classic woven bread basket. The natural material has the advantage of being very light and looking appealing. To prevent crumbs from falling on the buffet or breakfast table, rattan solid wicker bread baskets can be very elegantly lined with white napkins. With this, you can also cover the baked goods, for example, when you serve freshly toasted toast and it should arrive at the table still warm. On the buffet, cutting boards made of wood perfectly complement wicker bread baskets.


Cleaning bread basket - you should pay attention to this

How a bread basket can be cleaned depends mainly on its material. Bread baskets made of real wicker should not be rinsed completely damp. Nevertheless, a little moisture does the material good. This keeps it supple. Finally, wicker baskets are moistened before weaving. You can use a little soapy water and a soft brush or cloth to clean them. However, after cleaning the wicker baskets, be sure to dry them completely before placing bread or other baked goods inside. Plastic bread baskets are very easy to clean with dish soap and warm water. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions as well. Plastic baskets for the catering industry are usually dishwasher safe. This ensures a high level of hygiene at the breakfast table. Stainless steel or metal bread baskets are also easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. When buying, pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. For example, stainless steel bread baskets can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. If it is about baskets made of textiles, such as a bread bag made of cotton, these can also be washed in the gentle cycle. Order now bread baskets for your restaurant or hotel online at LUSINI in proven quality.