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Salt and pepper mills

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Pepper mills for more flavors

Salz-/Pfeffermühlen Omea von VEGA

If you want to season your food with pepper, it's best to use a pepper mill. Because in the mill black, white or red pepper are freshly ground, and particularly gently. In this way, in addition to the sharpness, the numerous flavors of different pepper varieties are preserved. The same applies to spice mills.

Here at LUSINI you can find a pepper mill in large, pepper mills in black or stainless steel. When choosing the appropriate mill, you can decide not only between size and color, but also between different materials and grinders.

Salt mills - the perfect dosage when salting

In salt mills, even large salt crystals of different types of salt can be finely ground, such as sea salt or the reddish shimmering Himalayan salt. The operation of the salt mill is similar to the pepper mill. However, ceramic grinders are mainly used in salt mills. They grind grains of salt according to the degree of grinding set. In the process, the grinding stones rub against each other. The coarser the grind, the further apart the small grinding stones are.

It is best to use dry rock salt with a grain diameter of at least four millimeters in the salt mill to achieve the best possible result and make optimum use of the grinding mechanism.

Wooden salt and pepper mills

Wooden salt mill or wooden pepper mill are real classics of table culture. However, you should note that only the housing is made of wood. The grinder, on the other hand, is made of stainless steel or ceramic. Wooden salt and pepper mills provide appealing accents on the table. The natural grain of the wood used makes each mill a unique piece. By darkening, the pepper or salt mill made of wood gets its very own character.

Stainless steel salt and pepper mills - timelessly elegant

When we talk about stainless steel for salt and pepper mills, we can mean both the housing and the "inner workings". For example, there are grinders for spice or pepper mills that first cut the grains with the help of stainless steel blades and then grind them.

If the housing is made of stainless steel, these mills are very easy to maintain and at the same time offer a long service life.

Cleaning salt or pepper mill - this is what you need to pay attention to

The result after grinding can be worse with salt or pepper mills if the grinding mechanism is dirty. It can happen that salt has become moist during grinding, e.g. over the cooking pot, and then becomes encrusted. If too many red peppercorns, which are actually berries, are ground in pepper mills, resin from the berries settles and clogs the grinder. Cleaning is then required. It is important to note: You should never clean salt and pepper mills in the dishwasher, because this can break the grinder. However, there is a simple trick. Fill dry rice into the mill and grind it. The ground rice grains will remove the residue in the grinder and ensure a perfect grind again.

This is what you should look for when buying salt and pepper mills

Whether you choose a salt and pepper mill large or salt and pepper mill small, make sure before you buy that the grind can be easily adjusted. The grind setting is classically done via a small wheel on the lid of the mill. Stainless steel and ceramic grinders are recommended as grinders. Stainless steel grinders can cut peppercorns again before grinding. This is to allow the aroma of the different types of pepper to develop even better.

If you use the pepper mill in the kitchen, a large filling quantity is recommended. Because then you do not have to refill the mill so often.

Buy salt and pepper mills online now - excellent horeca quality at LUSINI.