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What are the types of cutting boards?

Cutting boards come in two common types, wooden cutting boards and plastic cutting boards. Like kitchen knives, they should not be missing from any kitchen. Cutting boards large are suitable for preparing meat and vegetables, while cutting boards small are suitable for cutting onions or chopping spices. Here at LUSINI you can also order practical kitchen sets online to match your boards.

Wooden cutting boards - the indestructible classics

Wooden cutting boards are gentler on the knife edge. When cutting or chopping on wooden kitchen boards, the knife stays sharp longer. In addition, the tannins present in the wood ensure a natural killing of germs on the surface of the board.. Compared to plastic cutting boards, wooden boards may not be cleaned in the dishwasher. Thus, when it comes to cutting perishable foods such as fish or poultry, plastic boards are more suitable for hygienic reasons.

How to care for and clean cutting boards?

Plastic cutting boards are dishwasher safe. Accordingly, you can easily put the boards in the dishwasher and wash them like other dishes or pots. In the case of wooden boards, hand cleaning is required. For this, use simple dishwashing detergent and no harsh cleaners, so as not to damage the wood structure. Wooden cutting boards can be additionally treated with a drop of oil after drying. This closes wood pores and the surface remains beautiful and resilient longer.

Buying cutting boards - what to look for?

When you buy a cutting board, you should consider beforehand what you want to use it for. For chopping, wooden boards are more suitable, because you will save the knife blade. If you are preparing meat or other quickly perishable foods, plastic boards are recommended because they can be cleaned in the dishwasher at hot temperatures.

What makes a good cutting board?

A good cutting board provides a sufficiently large cutting surface for the desired use. In addition, the board should not dull the knives. A high quality of material should also be ensured. This also means that your cutting boards should not be too thin.

Regardless of whether you choose a plastic board or a wooden board from us, with LUSINI you are always relying on tried and tested horeca quality for your cutting boards, which promises a long service life.

Buy cutting boards online now - for the kitchen at home or in your catering establishment - naturally at LUSINI.