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Pizzeria supplies

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Practical pizza shovels, pizza boxes & beautiful pizza cutlery for your pizzeria

Pizza backen

Known and loved worldwide: Every German eats an average of 11 frozen pizzas per year - and only in an emergency. In Italian restaurants of every price range, pizza is at the top of the menu, and in delivery services, pizza orders account for between 20 and 30 percent -'s 2018 Pizza Report also identified pizza salami as the most popular German variety.

Whether you run a classic pizzeria with red check tablecloths or you deliver directly to your customers - you can buy the right accessories for pizzerias and pizza makers in our online store. From the dough tray, to the pizza shovel, to the pizza cutlery, pizza plate or pizza box - our products and tools for the pizzeria make it easier for you to prepare, bake, serve or deliver delicious pizzas.

Equip your pizzeria completely in the LUSINI online shop

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare the dough
Every chef and every pizza maker has his own secret recipe for the best pizza dough in the world. What they all agree on is that the best ingredients such as fresh water, yeast, salt and flour make the perfect pizza. Opinions differ on the resting time of the dough - whether you let the yeast dough chill for six hours or start pizza production after just one hour, the important thing is a clean base or a universal container with a lid in which the dough pieces can wait to be processed.

Our tip

It is best to store already prepared toppings such as sliced peppers, artichokes or pepperoni in sealable storage boxes. This will save you time when the pizza orders arrive.

Baking pizza
Does your pizza come straight from the stone oven? With our practical stainless steel pizza shovels, you can easily drive under the wafer-thin pizza crust and safely retrieve the finished pizza from the embers. On square or round pizza trays your pizzas become evenly and quickly crispy even in gas-fired ovens or electric ovens.

Did you know that…?

The original pizza, i.e. a baked yeast dough pizza, does not originate from Italy but from Greece and is said to have been eaten by the Etruscans as early as around 800 BC. In the Roman Empire, this original form of pizza was known in the 3rd century BC, as Marcus Porcius Cato describes it in his work "De agri cultura". When the tomato came to Europe from America around 1520, the form of pizza we know today developed - a round, thin yeast dough base topped with Italian foods such as cheese, salami and spices.

An overwhelming majority of 75 percent said in the 2015 survey that they prefer to eat pizza by hand. Fulfill this heartfelt wish for your guests or customers and ensure perfectly cut pieces of pizza that no longer require the use of a knife and fork. Due to the extra-heavy quality and high-quality workmanship of our pizza cutter, you can quickly and precisely cut pizza pieces and reliably cut through the pizza base.

Step 2: Serving

At the table
Your guests have the choice between small, large and family pizzas? In the LUSINI online shop we offer pizza plates in different sizes, so that your pizza can fit on the plate surface without any problems. Also, consider matching pizza cutlery and equip your guests with a sharp pizza knife: This way, your guests have the choice of eating the pizza with a knife and fork or taking the pieces in their hands.

Especially on Sunday evenings, Germans often reach for their smartphones to order delicious pizza. If your guests can order pizza to go or if you run a delivery service yourself, make sure the packaging is reliable so that the pizza arrives at your customers warm and without damage. Classic pizza boxes made of cardboard stack well in insulated bags or Styrofoam boxes and serve another purpose after delivery: According to a study by Lieferando, 21 percent of Germans eat the delivered pizza directly from the box.