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So that your pizza is always eaten hot: Pizza boxes for pizzerias, delivery services & restaurant

Nachhaltige Pizzakartons

Pizza packaging is almost as well-known, in demand and popular as pizza itself: the pizza box. During a cozy TV evening, people even do without plates and cutlery and eat the delicious pizza directly from the practical box - this also saves on washing up. But the pizza box also offers a decisive advantage for you as the operator of a pizzeria, delivery service or restaurant: you always deliver your pizza hot and in unimpaired quality to the customer and can deliver several pizzas at the same time.

Advantages of the pizza box

When the pizza is delivered or your guests pick up the deliciousness in your pizzeria, the pizza needs to stay hot for some time; until it is eaten. Due to their material, pizza boxes are particularly insulating and keep the pizza warm for a long time and greater distance.

High strength
Pizza boxes have high strength. This ensures that the packaging will not bend or break and the pizza will not be damaged.

Our tip

Small spacers made of plastic or environmentally friendly material prevent the pizza from sticking to the lid if the box does give way or the contents are exposed to turbulence during transport.

Due to the solid material, pizza boxes with contents can be stacked on top of each other. Thus, the transport of several pizzas over longer distances is possible.

Moisture regulating
Due to the moisture regulating properties of the cardboard, your pizza will stay crispy for a long time and the cardboard will not curl or bend.

Not all pizza cardboard is the same!

Square for regular pizza or rectangular for family pizzas? At LUSINI you can find square pizza boxes as well as rectangular pizza boxes.

Pizza normal, medium or large? LUSINI offers pizza boxes in different sizes like 26x26 cm, 29x29 cm, 32.5x32.5 cm, 32.5x49 cm and 40x60 cm, in which all common pizza sizes find place.

Not all cardboard is the same. The cardboard boxes from VEGA are made of cardboard made of 100 percent cellulose. This is an environmentally friendly and food-safe material. The packaging does not have any recycled material such as an additional aluminum layer inside.

The cardboard from which the pizza boxes are made has different thicknesses. Find out exactly what the specifications of the material are, because as the thickness varies, so does the degree of stability.

Your specialty is thick topped pizzas with a strong base? If so, you will sometimes need higher pizza boxes than if you offer flat pizzas with few toppings in the Italian tradition. The higher a box, the stronger the packaging should be, otherwise stability is compromised. The square pizza boxes in the LUSINI Online Shop have a height of 3 cm, the rectangular ones of 4 cm.

Folding types
Folding a pizza box is not origami and yet there are different folding styles, all of which have their pros and cons. The Chicago fold goes back to Domino's Pizza, who is considered the unofficial inventor of the pizza box. In this fold, the lid rests only on flaps of the side walls folded inward. The side walls are not connected in this type of folding and were therefore able to be unfolded when eating the pizza. In the classic and now common folding, the side walls are connected and the lid overlaps the side walls. This provides much higher stability, but also makes the pizza box more rigid.

Did you know?

Before the first patent for pizza boxes made of corrugated board was filed in 1963, experiments were carried out in Naples with containers made of tin or copper or in the USA with metal boxes or bags - but none of these proved particularly practical. In Germany, the first pizza boxes are said to have been used in Würzburg in 1952, and Nicolino di Camillo was the first to invent pizza boxes in two different sizes.