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Practical paper cutlery pockets for hygienic protection

Paper cutlery bags are the perfect way to combine cutlery and a napkin in a practical way. Whether at an out-of-home business, in a beer garden or even at dinner, the bags can be used anywhere. The cutlery as well as the enclosed napkin are simply slid into the paper cutlery pocket and given to the guest when needed. Of course, the paper cutlery bags can also be placed ready on the table.

What are the advantages of paper cutlery bags?

Our tip

Use disposable cutlery in the paper cutlery bags for out-of-home business. After use, the guest can simply dispose of this together with the cutlery bag instead of having to return the cutlery in a cumbersome manner.

As already mentioned: paper cutlery bags are very practical! Because this way, there is no need to fold the napkins or awkwardly wrap the cutlery. Just put the cutlery in the cutlery bag - done! This saves a lot of time and allows for quick cutlery distribution. It also hygienically protects the cutlery and napkin from dirt and germs. This is particularly well received by guests. The paper cutlery bags are also a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the many different designs, everyone can find a model that is suitable for the desired purpose. In addition, paper cutlery bags create an inviting atmosphere.


What paper are the paper cutlery pockets made of?

Even if this question seems superfluous at first, it is justified. Because the material used is different types of paper. Most paper pockets are made of:

  • Airlaid: The cellulose fibers of this high-quality cellulose are joined together with the help of a strong air current to form a fleece, which is then further processed into a cutlery pocket. The end product is tear-resistant and impresses with its elegant, high-quality look.

  • Straw paper: As the name suggests, straw paper is made from straws, for example from corn straw. The straws are cleaned, the fibers broken down and chopped into yellow straw material, which is later used to make the paper cutlery bags. Straw paper has relatively short fibers, which makes the cutlery bag strong and stiff.

  • Kraft paper: From the long fibers of coniferous trees, boiling with sodium sulfate, sodium sulfide and caustic soda produces a solid pulp, which with a little glue, starch and sulfuric acid creates a water repellent effect. Paper cutlery bags made of kraft paper are very strong and durable.