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A tequila sunrise without a straw is like a beach bar without a sunset: drinking straws not only enhance the look of cocktails and long drinks, but also keep them cool for longer. The colorful straws used to be made of plastic, but the EU plastic ban will put an end to this by 2021 at the latest.

In more and more catering establishments, you can see straws made of metal, paper, glass or even pasta. Currently, however, billions of plastic straws are still used in Germany every year. The ban will, of course, reduce this figure - but it is already worthwhile to do without plastic drinking straws, because the environmentally friendly straws are in no way inferior to plastic straws.

From straw to glass, metal & paper: the changing face of the straw

Originally, drinking straws were made of straw - hence the name "straw", which is still in use today. The straw was probably invented as early as 3,000 B.C. Nowadays, the best-known material is probably plastic. The plastic drinking straw has been popular with young and old for decades in all kinds of colors and designs. However, the environmental aspect was ignored for a long time. Conscious handling of waste and plastic, however, is increasingly coming to the fore.

Straw manufacturers therefore developed numerous alternatives that are free of plastic and BPA. BPA (bisphenol A) refers to a plasticizer that almost all plastic products contain. VEGA's sustainable straws, on the other hand, are completely free of plastic and plasticizers. Glass drinking straws can be rinsed and reused, paper straws are biodegradable.

Did you know?

An EU-funded study by the organization Sea at Risk found that billions of plastic straws are consumed in Europe. In the U.S., the figure is even higher - a huge pile of waste that costs billions to dispose of. Sustainable straws made from biodegradable materials help reduce waste.

Fine glass straws, inexpensive paper straws, and durable metal straws

  • Glass:
    Glass straws are the most noble option and look very high quality. The advantages are numerous, as they not only look very good, but are also practical, among other things, because of the heat resistance. Without hesitation, glass straws can be cleaned in the dishwasher and reused. In addition, glass straws are tasteless and can be completely recycled if disposed of properly.

  • Paper:
    Reusable straws are not for everyone! If you want to continue using disposable straws, you can resort to drinking straws made of paper. These are biodegradable and available not only in natural colors, but also with patterns.

  • Metal:
    Again and again you can also see straws made of metal. For the catering industry, however, this variant is only suitable to a limited extent: The metal is less tasteless than glass and is also more difficult to clean. Any residue in the drinking straw after rinsing is difficult to detect.

Our tip:

Sugar Passion and Stairway to Vodka: These cocktail trends taste even better with sustainable straws from our range.

Straws made of glass, paper and metal: high quality and low priced at LUSINI

New materials for straws are constantly coming onto the market, but they are not necessarily suitable for the catering industry. What matters here is hygiene, price and customer satisfaction. VEGA's drinking straws are not only environmentally friendly, but also convince with their quality and price. Whether paper drinking straws with a retro look or heat-resistant glass straws - choose sustainable straws from our range and help reduce waste in the catering industry!