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Cake boxes

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Cake boxes

Cake boxes are folding boxes made of cardboard or stronger paper. They are usually used only once and then recycled. Nowadays, cake boxes are mainly used in bakeries and confectioneries. But they can also be used in private households, because everyone is happy about his own birthday cake, brought in a cake box. Besides the beautiful designs, there are many practical advantages of using cake boxes.

What are cake boxes used for?

2 Tortenkartons in unterschiedlichen Größen

The cake boxes are used mainly because they are a safe transport aid. The cake boxes ensure that the pastries can be safely taken anywhere and arrive undamaged to the recipient. And that's the main thing - after all, the lovingly designed cakes are a real eye-catcher.

How do I use a cake box correctly without damaging the cake?

Place the cake or pie in the cake box - and in such a way that everything remains intact. However, this is not so easy. It is especially important that the cake box is slightly larger than the actual cake. Use a cake server - this makes it easier to move the pastry to the inside of the cake box. Once the cake has been placed approximately in the center, the outer walls of the box can be assembled around it. There are also models where three sides are already firmly attached. In this case, the cake must be slid in over the fourth open side. When removing the cake, however, this is advantageous - simply open the lid of the cake box, again slide the cake lifter under the pastry and pull out the cake. For cake boxes that cannot be easily disassembled again or do not have an open side, a version made of disposable cardboard is recommended. This allows scissors to carefully cut off the sides and lift the cake out. If the completely closed cake box is made of a different material, there is the option of using a tea towel or baking paper as a base before lifting the cake into it. In this way, the cake can be carefully lifted out again at the corners of the base. Finally, the cake can be presented and served on a cake platter.

Our tip:

Use a second larger cake box in which you place the box with the cake and fill the cavity with cold packs. This will keep the cake cooled.