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Paper shopping bags

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Paper bags

Paper bags are not only available in the standard brown, but also in other colors. Whether large or small: paper bags are available in different sizes - so there is the right one for every need. The paper bags are not only visually eye-catching, but also a real carrying wonder. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes and offer plenty of space even for bulky items. And their environmental friendliness makes them the perfect alternative to their plastic counterpart.

What are the advantages of paper bags?

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Paper bags have many advantages for the consumer. Thanks to their stable shape, they are particularly tear-resistant and offer a high level of carrying comfort. Due to their square bottom, even bulky items can be conveniently stored in them. However, the biggest advantage of paper bags lies in their environmental friendliness. The ecological packaging can be recycled almost 100 percent, as it is made from renewable raw materials. This means that the raw material can either be processed into new paper bags or used to produce paper and cardboard packaging. The paper bags are therefore versatile and can be used several times.

How are paper bags made?

The popular paper bags are made from cellulose, more simply, from vegetable fibers. These are easily degradable, natural materials. The pulp is pressed into flat sheets or rolls of paper and then cut to size. Double the length is used, as the cut sheets are then folded on top of each other. Now the open, opposite sides are glued together. This is done by either pressing the glue sides together or by heating and pressing the sides.

Did you know?

The paper bag was invented more than 110 years ago by Max Schuschny from Vienna. Since then, it is hard to imagine everyday shopping without this carrying wonder.

How much weight can a paper bag withstand?

The load capacity of the paper bag depends largely on the thickness of the paper used and its size. For example, small bags made of kraft paper with a basis weight of 70 g/m² can withstand up to 4 kg. Larger paper bags with a basis weight of 90 g/m², on the other hand, can withstand ten times as much, i.e. around 40 kg. However, it is advisable to find out about the elongation at break before each purchase to avoid misunderstandings or incorrect purchases.

Where are paper bags used?

Paper bags are not only useful for shopping! They are also ideal for use in the catering industry. They are particularly popular in the take-away sector: food for pick-up or delivery can be conveniently stowed and transported in this way.