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A new sense of quality

When choosing kitchen knives, quality plays a key role. You can be sure: With knives from VEGA you are always right! Because our chef knives are manufactured under the highest quality standards. It is thanks to the use of high-quality steel that every single blade in our range impresses with its excellent sharpness and robustness. The length of the blade or the total length of the knife varies depending on the type of knife.

But not only the blade stands for the high quality of our chef knives, the professional quality of VEGA can even be felt on the handle: Our kitchen knives fit perfectly in the hand and thus facilitate the work in the kitchen immensely.

Always the right kitchen knife at hand

For what purpose do you need new knives? If you want to cut tomatoes, zucchini and co. professionally, then a vegetable knife is the right choice. The paring knife, on the other hand, is used for peeling fruits and vegetables. For preparing meat, meat knives such as boning knives, cleavers, carving knives and filleting knives are suitable. For cutting bread and other baked goods, bread knives are the tool in demand. If you are looking for a kitchen knife for various purposes, it is best to reach for the classic all-purpose knife or the Japanese Santoku knife.

You can also rely on VEGA as your knife specialist when looking for complete knife sets. A matching set of knives is also perfect for bringing harmony into the often somewhat chaotic kitchen. To avoid damaging your work surface when cutting the ingredients, a cutting board should also not be missing. A knife block at the workplace ensures that the knives are tidy when they are not in use and yet immediately at hand again. Both accessories are available at low prices in the LUSINI online store.