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Kitchen knives

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What types of kitchen knives are there?

Kitchen knives are standard equipment in the kitchen at home, but especially in the catering industry. Every chef and kitchen staff must have access to a wide range of different knives to create the mise-en-place, cut bread, carve meat or fillet fish. To ensure high product quality and durability, kitchen knives are often made of steel or stainless steel. Here at LUSINI we offer a wide selection of individual kitchen knives, kitchen knife series or practical knife sets.
An overview:

  • Chef's knife:The chef's knife is a versatile knife for weighing, cutting or chopping meat or vegetables.
  • Bread knife: Equipped with a serrated edge, the bread knife can cut even harder bread with crispy crust into beautiful slices.
  • All-purpose knives: These knives are ideal for peeling or chopping vegetables or fruit.
  • Santoku knife: The Japanese chef's knife is a real all-rounder. It is characterized by a very sharp blade and allows very fine cuts.
  • Special knives: Use these knives to fillet, carve, or perform other specialized tasks in the kitchen.

Whether for professional demands in the gastronomy or your kitchen at home: At LUSINI you will definitely find the right kitchen knife.

Buying kitchen knives - what should I look for?

When you buy kitchen knives, you should consider beforehand for what purposes the knife will be used. Thus, santoku or chef's knives are suitable if you want to cut meat and vegetables. In turn, the santoku knife gives you the opportunity to cut food into very thin slices or strips. It is important that the knives are easy to maintain and sharpen. When cutting, the knife should fit comfortably in your hand.

With LUSINI you are right in terms of quality and durability with every kitchen knife. All blades of our knives are made of stainless steel and damask. Thus, the knives meet the highest standards of material and workmanship.

How to sharpen kitchen knives?

To sharpen your kitchen knives, it is best to use a knife sharpener. Unlike sharpening with a whetstone and leather, knives can be made ready for use again in no time with a sharpener. While you use the knife sharpener for basic sharpness, you can use a sharpening rod for regular resharpening. Simply hold it by the handle and place it on the work surface. Then, depending on the blade, slowly pull the knife along the sharpening steel at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees from top to bottom and from back to front. The sharper and harder the blade, the smaller the angle can be.

Cleaning kitchen knives - this is important

To prevent kitchen knives from becoming dull, it is recommended to wash them by hand. Cleaning with mild detergent and hot water is hygienic and easy to do. After rinsing, you can rub your knives dry.

What should be considered when using kitchen knives?

A kitchen knife should only be used to cut the food for which the knife is designed. For example, never cut bread with a chef's knife, as you would dull the blade. Likewise, you should not chop with the kitchen knife on a hard surface such as the countertop, but always only on chopping or cutting boards.