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Which chef knife is high quality?

VEGA Messer-Set Messina 8-tlg

With a high-quality and suitable knife, the cutting work can be done quickly! But how can you recognize a high-quality kitchen knife? Quality in cutting knives can be recognized by the weight balance between the blade and the handle.

Perfectly suitable: Knives with ergonomically shaped handles made of triple-riveted synthetic material with slip-resistant function and a stamped blade made of high-quality chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel. This makes the kitchen knives corrosion resistant and has a long lasting sharpness.

Our service

All our kitchen knives are durable and robust! Should you nevertheless want to replace a knife, you can benefit from our availability guarantee of up to 10 years on many VEGA products!

Different blade variations: For everyday use but also for special occasions

Depending on the set, you will find the following kitchen knives in our kitchen knife sets:

  • Chef knife: Belong to the basic equipment for every kitchen. Cutting vegetables and meat to chopping herbs, you can't go wrong with a chef knife.
  • Santoku knife: As the Japanese words "San" three and "Toku" virtues already describe, these are all-purpose knives which cut three components particularly well: Meat, fish and vegetables.
  • All purpose knife: Perfect for snack or hot kitchen and also belongs to the basic equipment of every gastro kitchen.
  • Ham knife: Known for its long, rather low profile blade and good for precise cutting work such as meat or fish. Especially suitable for wafer-thin slices and small cubes.
  • Boning knife: The sharp tip and narrow blade are made for removing bones from meat and fish.
  • Vegetable knife: This everyday helper is easy to use with its short blade and perfect for peeling and cutting vegetables.
  • Paring knife: The curved blade of the paring knife is made to remove the outermost layer of fruits and vegetables without removing the important vitamins just below the peel. The short blade allows for precise work.
  • Bread knife: Thanks to the serrated edge on the long blade, straight, even slices of bread can be cut with ease.
  • Meat knife: The very sharp blade means that no meat juices are lost when carving meat and no extra fibers are destroyed. With the sharp tip, it is suitable for raw, cooked or roasted meat.
  • Larding knife: The short curved blade makes the lard knife versatile for chopping sausage, cheese, bacon or dicing meat.
  • Tart knife: Due to the long but thin blade is a vertical and horizontal cutting of pies, cakes or floors possible.

The kitchen knife sets from VEGA are 3 or 8 pieces. So you are well equipped - no matter if you are an ambitious hobby chef or a professional chef!

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Kitchen knife guide

You still have questions about other types of knives or how to sharpen your knife? With proper handling and care, your kitchen knives will stay sharp for a long time and give you pleasure in the kitchen for a long time!