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These are the most popular types of pots:

  • Cast iron pot: Cast iron has the advantage of giving off its heat particularly evenly, but tends to increase the risk of rust.

  • Enamel pots: Enamel is a fused glass of a ceramic type against susceptible to rust. Enamel pots are extremely durable but have the disadvantage of food burning more easily in them.

  • Copper: Copper pots are particularly antibacterial because bacteria cannot develop on copper. Furthermore, the copper pot impresses with its heat conductivity.

  • Speed cookers: Pressure cooker prepare food under high heat and pressure, this provides especially for speed

Cast aluminum pots: Cast aluminum is a particularly good conductor of heat

Many pots today have surface coatings that prevent food from burning, as well as make cleaning easier. These include stainless steel, enamel and Teflon. In addition, cooking pots are often equipped with a handle, which closes the lid by its own weight and allows a small overpressure during cooking.

LUSINI offers you a variety of cooking pot variants, for every occasion the right pot. Discover matching our pans and trivets. With a selection of different cooking materials, you can prepare multiple dishes at once. Enjoy a great meal with your whole family and the cooking pots from VEGA.