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Horeca kitchen equipment in high quality

 VEGA Bain-Marie BM 2x150 mit Ablasshahn

Horeca equipment from VEGA meets the highest requirements in terms of kitchen technology, refrigeration technology, dishwashing technology, service and hygiene in the horeca industry. If you want to hold your own in the catering industry, you must not only offer good quality, but also visibly spoil your guests. Top performance in the kitchen and in service can only be achieved if the technical requirements are also met. Powerful catering equipment allows you to control factors such as the optimum temperature of the wine or the freshness of the salads at the buffet bar. Tasty dishes such as grilled meat from the lava stone grill or the classic Hawaiian toast can be prepared in no time with our kitchen appliances. At LUSINI you will find every kind of horeca equipment: whether refrigerated tables, pizza tables, refrigerators or warming containers such as chafing dishes. In addition to horeca kitchen technology, you will also find high-quality catering equipment and stainless steel furniture for your kitchen as well as other catering and hotel supplies in our range. Make life easier for yourself and your staff with effective kitchen technology and first-class catering supplies from our range. Rely on competence and experience and order innovative catering equipment easily at LUSINI!