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Gastronomy equipment - an overview

 VEGA Bain-Marie BM 2x150 mit Ablasshahn

If you want to professionally equip a kitchen or large kitchen, you will find a wide selection of gastronomy technology at LUSINI. Whether for keeping warm, cooking or washing up: We offer high-performance gastronomy kitchen equipment for your gastronomy equipment:

  • Warming devices: In the catering trade, it is important that the food arrives warm to the guests. To ensure this, there are numerous catering kitchen appliances. The bain marie can be used to keep food warm in the GN container. Thermal bridges, in turn, are used to warm plates filled with food. In warming cabinets, plates are preheated so that the dishes on them stay warm longer.

  • Cooking equipment: In the field of professional kitchen equipment, you can choose from a very wide range of different products. With deep fryers food can be prepared, the salamander is used for quick heating or gratinating, and with the gastro grill you prepare grilled dishes. At LUSINI, in addition to these classics, you will also find combi steamers, pasta stoves, convection ovens or pizza ovens to complete your gastro kitchen equipment.

  • Refrigerators: Hygiene is paramount in the catering kitchen. To ensure the shelf life of food and ingredients, refrigerators are essential in the professional kitchen. LUSINI offers a wide range of refrigerators, freezers or wine refrigerators and refrigerated display cases for your catering business.

  • Washing technique: In a restaurant, bar or café, a lot of dishes are produced every day. Glasses have to be washed, plates cleaned. That's where proven, high-performance dishwashing technology is needed. LUSINI offers you everything you need for dishwashing in the catering industry, from industrial dishwashers to glass pressure washers and washing baskets.

Commercial kitchen technology - when a lot of performance is required

Commercial kitchen equipment must meet high demands. After all, commercial kitchens are about preparing very large quantities of food for many people. That's why the kitchen appliances are also larger in size. Ovens, warming devices or dishwashers are designed for a long service life, simple operation and easy maintenance. This saves the kitchen staff valuable time when operating the equipment.

How are commercial kitchen appliances different from conventional kitchen appliances?

In the commercial kitchen, many dishes are prepared for many people at once. For this reason, the equipment must offer both the necessary capacity and the corresponding performance. In a private household, a normal household dishwasher is sufficient. However, if the same machine were used in a commercial kitchen, it would not be able to handle the amount of dishes and the washing cycles would be much too long. The same applies to ovens or deep fryers. Kitchen appliances designed for normal use are far from sufficient to facilitate the work of professional chefs.

Discover a large selection of gastronomy equipment at LUSINI and buy online in proven horeca quality.