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GN containers

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GN containers - indispensable for the catering industry

You can buy GN containers in many sizes and designs at LUSINI. With a few clicks you will find your containers for the bain marie, chafing dish or food warmer.

What are GN containers?

Gastronomy containers or GN containers are standardized containers made of plastic or metal in which food can be stored, frozen, reheated, transported or kept warm. The abbreviation GN stands for Gastronorm. These are standard sizes according to DIN 66075 and DIN EN 631 for food containers, which refer to the basic dimensions. Thanks to the standardization of the food containers, they can be combined with many different horeca products such as a Bain Marie or a chafing dish.

The sizes of the GN containers always refer to the basic dimensions of the standard container, which is 530 millimeters wide and 325 millimeters long. Accordingly, GN containers are available in sizes GN 1/9 to G/N 2/1, which corresponds to one ninth or twice the basic dimensions of the reference container.

However, when choosing is important not only the footprint, but also the height of the catering container. It is decisive whether the container can be hung in a device.

GN container large

Large GN containers have a large capacity or a high basic size. If you want to buy a large version online, you should choose e.g. the sizes G/N 1 or G/N 2/1.

What are GN containers suitable for?

GN containers can be used in many different ways. Classically, they are used in large kitchens or canteens. But they can also be used with the appropriate accessories for the buffet.

GN containers are furthermore suitable for ice cream manufactories, restaurants or cafes. Due to the wide range of applications and the standardized shape, the containers are very practical. The robust materials also promise easy cleaning and high durability.

GN-Behälter aus Edelstahl

The advantages of GN containers at a glance

  • Standardized basic size offers many combination possibilities
  • Versatile usage possibilities
  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable materials

Different designs for different applications

GN containers are available in small, e.g. with the basic size G/N 1/9. These containers can be used for sauces. Large GN containers are suitable for keeping side dishes such as rice or potatoes warm, gratinated dishes can also be stored in them.

For dumplings or for steaming, GN containers with holes are a good choice.

Stainless steel GN containers - robust and durable

Stainless steel GN containers have many advantages. The material is particularly easy to clean. At the same time, these GN containers are visually very attractive, which makes them suitable for buffets. A stainless steel GN container can be heated to very high temperatures. In addition, it can also be used to freeze food. The high thermal conductivity ensures that the stainless steel variant is often used as a bain-marie container and most GN inserts are made of stainless steel.

Polypropylene GN containers have the advantage over stainless steel containers that they are somewhat lighter and therefore easier to handle. Moreover, similar to glass and GN containers made of polycarbonate, they can be realized transparent. These warming containers are very appealing when presented at buffets because they give a view of the food from the side. This looks very appetizing with layered desserts like a tiramisu.

Regardless of which material you choose at LUSINI: All GN containers are temperature resistant, suitable for food and professional use.

This is the best way to clean GN containers

Materials such as polycarbonate or stainless steel are easy to clean in the dishwasher. Before rinsing, remove any burnt or dried-on food residue to achieve the best cleaning results. After rinsing, it is best to rub the containers dry to avoid limescale stains.

Now buy GN containers online in high quality and large selection - at LUSINI.