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Pastry supplies & patisserie accessories

Still 108 products in your filtering in Patisserie supplies

Pastry accessories that can not be missing in any pastry shop or patisserie

Here at LUSINI you will find all the important baking accessories for the bakery to prepare cakes, pies, tarts and more.
We offer you the necessary pastry tools that you need as basic equipment for your work as a pastry chef or patissier. From baking sheets to cake rings and the dough roller, you will find everything for your parlor as a professional or hobby baker:
Garnishing cones and piping bags: Garnishing cones and piping bags can be used to decorate cakes, design small pastries and much more. Here at LUSINI you will find these confectionery accessories in many different variations and highest quality.
Baking trays: Whether for cake bases or fine tartelettes, for croissants, sugar cookies or cookies, there can never be enough baking trays in the bakery. With LUSINI, you can rely not only on a large selection, but also on proven professional quality.
Cake rings: Black Forest Cherry, Frankfurter Kranz and others: These classics would be almost impossible to make without cake rings. Choose the right cake rings for your business between many different sizes.
Gourmet Whip: These whippers can be used to spray specialties of cream or other creams on cakes and cupcakes. By the way, Gourmet Whips are also suitable for the catering industry to make foams.
Pastry knives: These long knives are mainly used to remove cake layers from a large round mold and to handle bottoms. Benefit from distinctive quality and a wide selection for your bakery with our pastry knives.
In addition to these confectionery supplies, you will find many other useful tools for your business. Simply select the desired products here and order in the usual quality here at LUSINI.

What distinguishes pastry accessories from LUSINI?

Pastry and patisserie supplies from LUSINI mean high quality for professionals. All our products have been developed for professional use in the pastry shop and meet the highest requirements for material and processing quality.
Of course, our confectionery supplies are also suitable for private customers. In our online store for confectionery supplies you can buy everything you need for fine confectionery products.

Pastry supplies for professionals and demanding hobby patissiers

Patissiers and discerning private customers can obtain all the important utensils necessary for making pralines, confectionery and elaborate desserts from LUSINI, such as dessert rings or fondant funnels.
Contact us if you have any questions about the assortment or if you are looking for a specific patisserie accessory. We will then be happy to help you.

What is the difference between pastry chef & patissier?

A confectioner is a German craft profession related to the profession of baker. Pastry chefs specialize primarily in sweet baked goods such as tarts and cakes, but also confectionery made from chocolate.
Patisserie comes from France and is derived from the cooking trade. Typically, patissiers are trained chefs who specialize in desserts and sweets in the restaurant industry.
Patissiers usually work in exclusive gastronomic establishments, while pastry chefs mainly work in bakeries or pastry shops, supplying cafés or hotels with baked goods.

Buy confectionery supplies and patisserie accessories online now - large selection and proven professional quality at LUSINI.