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This patisserie supplies makes baking and decorating fun!

Our warehouse holds for you all the products needed by a pastry chef who attaches great importance to high-quality and functional tools. At the same time, you can rely on fair pricing. With the baking accessories at LUSINI you will be accompanied from weighing to arranging the baked goods. Every good cake starts on the scale: with digital kitchen scales and stainless steel measuring cups, you can measure every single ingredient for your cake to the gram. The sugar thermometer is ideal for making confectionery, caramel, sweets or spreads.

Once all the baking ingredients are mixed together with whisk or beater, it's time to put them in the right shape. Baking pans lined with baking paper are certainly the most commonly used. Silicone baking pans, on the other hand, can do without paper and are easy to clean.

Patissiers and confectioners now decorate the finished cake with fondant, cream and artistic ornaments. For this purpose, we offer whippers and fondant funnels as well as high-quality decorating nozzles and piping bags.

Conjure up great cake and pie creations with the right tools

Everyone loves cake! So do we. And to ensure that your sweet works of art also turn out perfectly, you can easily order baking accessories and confectionery supplies online at LUSINI. We offer you a repurchase guarantee, high-quality products, fast and affordable delivery, sample sets and much more.