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Hygiene protection walls

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Protective elements for more hygiene in gastronomy

Theken-Hygieneschutzwand Prevent Acryl von PULSIVA

Even if gastronomy and the hotel industry are taking off again after the forced break - normality is different! This is because strict hygiene regulations apply to the catering and hotel industry. In order to keep infection rates at a low level, these regulations must be adhered to.

Protective elements are an integral part of the hygiene concepts! Because especially in the gastronomy and hotel industry, the distance regulations cannot be observed everywhere.

Why are protective elements needed?

Protective elements can assist with hygiene compliance! Hygiene protection walls provide additional protection when coming into contact with guests and practical products such as the Hand Free Door Opener offer a hygienic alternative to things that need to be touched frequently.

Where do hygiene barriers lend themselves?

The installation of hygiene protection walls is ideal wherever additional protection is needed: For example, at the reception desk in a hotel or the counter in a restaurant. In addition, hygiene protection walls can also be set up at buffets and pick-up stations. And the mobile hygiene protection walls can also be easily set up as partitions between individual tables. The advantage: If the number of people at the table changes, the cough and sneeze protection can simply be set up in a different place.

How are hygiene barriers cleaned properly?

To ensure that the hygiene barriers perform their function properly, they must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. When cleaning, you should wear disposable gloves and a mouth-nose mask. To avoid scratching the material, you should use a clean and soft cloth here. After cleaning, you should wash the cloth hot or dispose of it.

What other protective products are available from LUSINI?

In order to provide you with the best possible support during this difficult phase, we have other protective products in our range in addition to hygienic protective walls: