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Newgarden - Inspired, designed and manufactured in Spain.

Newgarden's success story began with the introduction of outdoor polyethylene planters. After the range was met with great interest, Newgarden decided to additionally open a new market in the world of garden lighting.

Außenmöbel von Newgarden
Freunde bei einem geselligen mit Lampen von Newgarden
Beleuchteter Pool mit Lampen von Newgarden

The unique design and high quality of the products has established Newgarden as one of the leading national distributors in this field and is now represented in 18 countries. In addition, a number of new outdoor furniture items have been added to the range, offering a high degree of variety.

Newgarden is excited to look to the future, where exciting projects and new goals await. The Newgarden team places great emphasis on combining design and technology in the best possible way.